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"Save it for a rainy day!"


By balcony


“Save it for a rainy day!”

*"Save it for a rainy day!" Something I’ve been saying for months – at last it came along!

I have had seedlings growing in seedtrays in the greenhouse on the allotment for months (I have already written about my Alpine Strawberries in a previous blog) & today I finally got around to transplanting the poor Lavenders that have been in the tray for months!

Quite surprisingly for me the seed germinated quite quickly! I’d expected them to take a long time & be difficult – but just the opposite in fact!

I transplanted the majority of the seedlings into small black pots but a few bigger ones I put into individual pots of a bigger size. I was surprised by the extent of their root system & their relative “wiriness”.

As the thunderstorms kept coming & going I was forced to take refuge in the GH. So I started looking at the packets of seed I had “lying around”. I found a couple of packets Lettuce seeds; I had one of Cos type, (Ruboneo), that my wife brought me back from Spain last year, I’d sown a few of these & they have all now been harvested & eaten! I didn’t sow any more of these because they had been “lost” for a couple of months! When we found them a few weeks ago they were damp. I left them, spread out, for a couple of days to dry & tried to sow some but nothing has come up in the seed tray!

Then I found a packet Gerry gave me a few weeks ago of “Webbs Wonderful” that was unopened so I opened it & sowed a few seeds in a seedtray. Looking through some packets from last year I found a an open packet of Lettuce “Tom Thumb” so I sowed some of them as well! I don’t know if these will germinate or what the germination rate might be. We’ll see in the coming week or two!

I also sowed some more Water Melon seeds, (Sugar Babe), that my wife brought me back from Spain last year, I’d sown a few of these & they have all now been planted out in the allotment. A couple of the plants have little yellow flowers. I haven’t noticed any fruit yet, but then I haven’t got down to look at them close up.

I sowed some flower seeds as well. My wife likes Godetia very much & I’ve grown them several years on our balcony. I bought a packet a couple of weeks ago & sowed some in pots on the balcony. I still had a few left over so I put them in a seedtray in the GH on the plot as well! She also loves Carnations, she always associates them with her country, Spain. So I’ve always grown a few on the balcony for her. She brought back a packet of seeds from Spain & I sowed some earlier in the year. They all germinated very well but once again I didn’t get around to transplanting them. Then a few weeks ago I brought them home from the GH on the plot to transplant them into pots for use on the balcony. Then my wife asked me to give them to our daughter so she could plant them in her garden. So I’ve sown some more today!

What else did I sow? Hmm… Ah, yes, Carrot “Autumn King 2”. For some reason they don’t seem to germinate on our plots! I sowed 5 rows amongst rows of Onions a few weeks ago but there has been no sign of a single seed having germinated as yet! Gerry told me last year he had never been able to grow Carrots on the plot, but I thought I might have better luck, but it seems not! So today I sowed some in a seedtray in the GH but will transplant them into the soil as soon as they get their true leaves & then we will see!

A guy from an allotment across the central path gave me a few Leeks today. I’ve never grown them before. One he said was an early variety & the other a late one. I have no place suited to them for the moment so I’ve heeled them in for a few days till I can find a more permanent site for them.

As you can see I had quite a busy “Rainy Day”!]Save it for a rainy day!

I’ve copied this blog of mine which I wrote on My Folia.

These events I describe in the blog took place on Tuesday 28th June. It was a day marked by thunderstorms all day long!*

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My goodness Balcony you have been very busy, all those seeds and even busier times ahead, pricking out, potting on and planting out, no time for you to take it easy, but just think of all the wonderful things to come ;0))

4 Jul, 2011


You obviously needed a rainy day Balcony, I love my greenhouses because I can still garden if its wet or cold, sometimes it takes an age to transplant all what we`ve grown, I know its our own fault for growing so many in the first place but its a good feeling when carrying back another empty tray or stack of pots, that is until we start another round of course.
Keep up the good work....

4 Jul, 2011


Yes, busy indeed, well done you! I only grew salvias, salad and tomatoes this year!

5 Jul, 2011


Well done .. catching up with rainy day tasks :o)

5 Jul, 2011


@Lincslass: I'll need a couple more rainy days to pot on all I sowed! Seems we may be getting them during the remainder of the week as well!

Most of them will go into the ground on the allotment but I will probably prick them out into plug trays left over from all the Busy Lizzie, Petunia & Lobelia plugs I bought a couple of months ago! I like to reuse them when I can!

5 Jul, 2011


All the Lettuce seedlings have now been planted out into the allotment. I still have to plant out my Beetroot & Carrot seedlings. As the water Melon seeds are still germinating they will have to wait another couple of weeks!

16 Jul, 2011


Well done :o)
More rain over coming days ...

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks, TT. :-)) We had a lot of rain here on Saturday & I couldn't go down to the allotment! :,(( I think we may have had around an inch of rain during the morning. VERY, VERY good for the allotment!

I went down this morning even though it seemed it would rain at any moment & showers, sometimes heavy, possibly with thunder, were forecast. No showers since before dawn today. Now 4pm & no sign of any rain.

I planted out most of my carrot seedlings this morning on the allotment. They were almost as advanced as the ones I sowed directly into the ground between the rows of onions "Alisa Craig" weeks ago! Those seedling have picked up quite a bit since I lifted the onions & gave them a good soaking! ("Them" being the carrot seedlings in case it's not clear!) I forgot to water them in after putting them out! I expect they will be alright as the soil is very damp after Saturday's rain & that which fell overnight.

18 Jul, 2011

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