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Tulips From Way Back Then


By balcony


Tulips From Way Back Then

Tulips flowering on my balcony way back in 2003!

As others have posted cheery photos in the last few weeks I thought I would do a blog looking forward to the spring using photos from the past of Tulips that produced a brilliant splash of colour on my balcony for a few weeks.

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Hi Balcony... those are lovely bright fiery colours :o)
I've added to GoYpedia Balconies.... where you have more photos and blogs than anyone ... there's a surprise ..LOL.

17 Jan, 2011


Won't be too long now till Tulip time! I saw my first Snowdrops today in the garden. haven't spent too much time in my garden, it's very wet and cold!

17 Jan, 2011


lovely colours ~ i especially like those pale yellow ones that open up like stars
lulu your snowdrops are ahead of mine ~ be interesting to see how far ahead!

17 Jan, 2011


It's good to keep a record of our plants every year, and then be able to look back. We can compare how each season varies every year

17 Jan, 2011


Beautiful display Balcony, do I take there`ll be another show of colour for this year?.....

17 Jan, 2011


Very nice Balcony, I look forward to them every year.

18 Jan, 2011


Beautiful array of colour there and love that red and yellow one.

18 Jan, 2011


Thanks for showing us, not long to go now for them to come back again now.

18 Jan, 2011


lovely tulips balcony, helped to brighten my day, thanx ;o)

18 Jan, 2011


WOW, that was a surprise, TT! Thanks for putting this blog in the GoYpedia Balconies! :-)) You say I have more in there than anyone, hardly a surprise really as I'm probably the only one on here with a balcony!!! LOL!

You are right, Lulu, it won't be long till we see the first Tulips of the year. Carol Klein had lots of pots of Tulips to move around her garden!

Sticki, "those pale yellow ones that open up like stars" were very nice, as you can see I took quite a few photos of them!

Hywel, you've hit the nail on the head! I very much like looking back at my old photos to see what was growing at what time during previous years. Our memories are so fleeting!

No, I'm sorry, Lincslass, I don't think I have any Tulips left for this year. :-(( But I will have plenty of Daffs & Anemones & other bulbs that will come up through my Pansies! Keep a look out for future photos of my balcony, they will be very colourful! :-))

Glad you liked then Johnjoe! :-)) Unfortunately I don't think I have any this year. :-((

6d, the red & yellow one is very striking, isn't it? :-))

No not all that long now, Clarice! Some years ago I had a few species Tulips that flowered before the big, hybrid ones took off but I don't think I have any photos of them. Looking through the albums of paper photos I don't remember having seen photos of them. :-((

Sanbaz, I so glad they brightened up your day they did mine as well! I'm so glad I have photos of past years to look at on occasions!

Keep an eye on my photos as I'll be posting more photos in the coming months as my balcony begins to flower!

19 Jan, 2011


The last photo shows tulips that look like my species T tarda. Unlike hybrids, species tulips survive in the ground for years and spread very well. I also have red "praestans" I think. I love tulips so thank you for sharing yours Bamboo.

24 Jan, 2011


I don't remember now what tulips they were. They were certainly lovely & as you can see in the photos gave a magnificent display! I don't remember what I did with them after they finished flowering!

24 Jan, 2011


I've copied this blog & pasted it on my forum BeyondSpace. The photos on there are much bigger than on GoY.

So here is a link if you'd like to see them:

29 Jan, 2011


On this last day of January I got a message from my old Flickr account. I visited it today & I was able to see photos of my balcony from a few years ago. If you would like to see them just copy the following address into your browser's address bar & hit enter:

Enjoy them!

31 Jan, 2011

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