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This is from an article in our Newspaper today ..

The main thing is not to hit the ice with a hammer to break it and also not to walk on it , for water like all liquids , cannot be compressed .

If you strike the ice , the shock will kill the fish , just as if you had directly struck them .
Like wise , stand on the ice and you might as well stand directly on the fish.
The best thing to do is to cut or auger a hole in the ice , or leave it alone …

I hope this information saves someones fish ……..

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I have also mentioned this vibration when talking about ponds, but the ice needs to have a hole to let out gases which might kill the fish. I use a kettle and just make a small hole I then find it easy every day just to keep this going.

18 Dec, 2009


I think that some people put a plastic / rubber ball into the pond. It flexes as the water freezes.

18 Dec, 2009


My pond, i always put a ball in it at beginning of autumn and leave it till weather gets warmer in spring that way you do not have to touch the pond water at all, and my fish have survived a lot of winters. Thanks for info Amy :o)))

18 Dec, 2009


Hi Amy uv made a Great Blog here :) When i had my fish i kept my Pump going all winter 2 so it didnt ice over :)

18 Dec, 2009


Yes Jacque forgot to say that as well i keep my pump going besides putting a ball in it.

18 Dec, 2009



18 Dec, 2009


I have never found a ball works for me.

18 Dec, 2009


We always run our pump all year and this morning I`ve turned the waterfall on as well because its covered in snow here today, I tried a ball many years ago but it froze solid and I still had to use a bowl of hot water to get it out,lol. Amy thanks for the info though, its still appreciated.........

18 Dec, 2009


My pond is frozen today..but im going to leave it to thaw on its own....

19 Dec, 2009


i never turn my pump of and even at minus 15 its only ever realy got like a sush puppy on top one side and the waterfall side is clear.i do get some interesting shapes of ice on the heads i made for the water to run from the top water fall to the mane pond.there on one of my blogs if your interested.

21 Feb, 2010

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