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Danger there is a big Virus coming !!!


By amy


Please forgive me if this isn,t true ,

I have just had an e-mail from a top person in a large company who we know ,well warning me that there is going to be a big virus coming . Watch your e-mail

It will say it,s a " POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK "

DON,T OPEN IT ……. It is a virus which opens a postcard image , which ’ burns ’ the whole hard disc C of your computer .
Delete it at once , they say it will come from somebody that has your e-mail address .

Please ,please forgive me if this isn,t true , I would rather not wait to see if it happens

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Thanks for the warning Amy. 'It's better to be safe than sorry ' as they say.

3 Oct, 2008


I hope so Hywel we do trust this person , and the message has been sent to everybody in the offices .

3 Oct, 2008


My hubby says that this virus has been around for some time and that reasonable virus programmes should catch it. The main thing is do not open anything that you are not sure about or don't know the sender.

3 Oct, 2008


thanks for the warning Amy

3 Oct, 2008


Here I was thinking you meant a cold virus, lol. I have often seen these warnings, only to be followed by a message saying it was a hoax. But never mind, if I do get a Hallmark postcard I will delete it at once.

4 Oct, 2008


Thanks Amy - we have been getting lots of hoax e-mails lately, all with attachments, all containing viruses, we know from investigation, and we just delete them automatically. What sort of person gets their kicks from trying to wreck other people's computers?????

4 Oct, 2008


Thanks for the warning Amy, will be on guard!

4 Oct, 2008

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