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Goodbye for now


By amy


Tomorrow we will be heading down to Folkestone where we will stay the night before boarding the ferry to France ,we will be gone almost 3wks.
For the first time we have somebody coming in to mow the lawns for us as when we come back my cousin and family will be arriving from New Zealand so we won,t have time to tackle the jungle that always faces us after a holiday .
I am going to miss your cheefull banter !!
I couldn,t leave without a warning though for those of you that haven,t heard !! there,s some nasty business going on over on the west side of the country .
I,ve heard of Frogs and moles …..this is far worse it,s a “GHOST SLUG.” beware it slips in and out of your garden unseen ,creating all sorts of havoc , slurping worms like spaghetti , it,s been seen in Cardiff , it must be stopped , maybe we should call in the SAS from Hereford . THIS IS TRUE .
Have a lovely summer everybody , I will look in as soon as I am able
best wishes

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have a great holiday Amy, make sure you take loads of photos to show us when you get back. hope you have good weather for your trip. its good that you have someone to look after your garden while your away.
bon voyage

10 Jul, 2008


A ghost slug, here in Wales!
I think I'll summon our local ysbryd broga to deal with it .
Have a good holiday Amy : D

10 Jul, 2008


have great time. please bring every1 back a present. SUM SUNSHINE WUD BE GOOD.

10 Jul, 2008


Have a great holiday Amy, look forward to hear from you when you get back.

10 Jul, 2008


They've just said about the ghost slug on our Welsh news, and there was I thinking you'd made it up lol : )

10 Jul, 2008


Have a good holiday Amy look forward to some nice photos on your return

10 Jul, 2008


Bon voyage.

10 Jul, 2008


Have a great trip. Hope the jungle is not too bad when you get home, and that the ghost slugs don't make it to your place.

10 Jul, 2008


Sounds like a job for Bonker's frog! have a lovely holiday, bet you get some sun!

10 Jul, 2008


Bon voyage Amy... and a safe one :)

11 Jul, 2008

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