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Today is traditionally the first day of spring,and what a lovely day it was I’ve never seen the allotments so busy in a long time,old faces new faces every one was just getting stuck in and doing their own thing.I was busy finishing off my greenhouse with the polycarbonate(perspects) panels that I got last week,stopped for half an hour for a cup of tea and a natter with a couple of neighbours,went back to work for a bit started to rain (18.45) so called it a day will do more tomorrow.

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ooh Allotment i know how you feel,we have been on ours today and same as you quite a few others were on working hard ,in between chats of course and you have to have a nosey on their plots dont you ? my oh made our greenhouse last year out of same stuff but found we have a leek in roof so got that to sort out .just so much to do now,good luck for tomorrow hope it keeps fine for you :o))

21 Mar, 2010


You paint a wonderful picture Allotment, I don't have one due to potential back problems, the fact that there's only two of us and it's too far away. That said I'd really like the atmosphere.

22 Mar, 2010


A73 you sound so excited, as do others who have allotments. Its all about fresh beginnings and hope. Lovely. My first child was born on the first day of Spring 57 years ago and she was a very good crop!
I wish all you allotment holders all the best for good crops, in good company and hopefully in good weather.

22 Mar, 2010


Hi joanella went to allotment today for a couple of hours,replaced the greenhouse door looks good,it was a bit of an inbetween day,rain then the sun broke through dry for a bit and then more rain (not complaining saves me watering) now looking forward to Easter bank holiday weekend.

22 Mar, 2010


Heron sorry to hear you have potential back problems,allotments are hard work and sometimes it can be back breaking,why dont you think about getting half a plot it maybe better for you,the atmosphere is great I'm sure you would enjoy it,as for painting a picture you would have to be quick as everybodys always on the go how far is your nearest site.

22 Mar, 2010


lol Mad for a second there ithought you were going to say your first child was born on the allotment...
hi a73 we wre going to go to ours today but rain stopped play, grey ,wet ,cold so no chance plus oh back in work tmoz have to wait till his days off now,glad you got your door done..talking about watering i dont know if you have shop B&M bargains nr you but they have a box of 4 glass "water bulbs"for £3.99p you just fill them up put in your plant pots & they last for 2 wks ideal for greenhouses on plots great for summer if you cant get to your allotment i bought 2 boxes just a thought for you..:o))

22 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your blessing mad and I hope that every allotment holder and even the people who do a bit in their own garden feel the same,hope your daughter had a great birthday.

22 Mar, 2010

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