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Finally got all my spring bulbs in today


By alextb


Finally got all my spring bulbs in today.

mixed daffodils
puschkika libanotica
a few different types of tulip
anemone st brigid mix
allium oreophilum
chionodoxa luciliae

So it should be a real good show next spring


Although I don’t want to rush past Christmas or wish my life away.


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Holy cow - I haven't even bought my spring bulbs yet - just started getting the catalogs . . . :)

19 Aug, 2010


Is it that time of year already lol - I'd better get a move on. There are no spring anything yet in my garden so your list is a good starting point -thanks.

19 Aug, 2010


We all need to get a move on, as August is the start of the spring bulbs planting season, but don't worry, you have until December to do so. You need to get them in before the frosts and cold weather make the soil rock hard, so best to plant them as soon as possible.

I think Spring is one of the best times of the year when all the spring flowers start to come out after a bare winter.


19 Aug, 2010


Sorry Alex thats too early for me - as planting time for spring bulbs is generally October to December so wont be planting mine till at least October when I expect them to arrive in the post.

19 Aug, 2010


All advice I have recieved and also read on planting imstruction points to now.

We do however all have our own preferences.

20 Aug, 2010


I listened to GQT, some time ago, and they suggested not planting until Jan/Feb. I gather the bulbs do just as well as those in the autumn and are at far less risk from mice/squirrels who find them in late autumn/ winter.

I've started dipping my bulbs in a weak parrafin solution, to deter predators, any other tips?

20 Aug, 2010


My former garden was a haven for squirrels from the park, who dug up a lot of my bulbs in pots. I read that spent coffee grounds were a deterrent, so got some of the free bags which Starbucks give away, mixed this into the top few inches of compost, and - it worked. no more bulbs were dug up, but oh, that gorgeous coffee aroma drove me almost mad! :-))

21 Aug, 2010


Funnily enough we have squirrels where I live, but they do not dig up peoples, bulbs or even plant there nuts. You see where I live used to be a grand estate, and used to have a lovely orchard, and som eof the fruit trees are still here, so the squirrels are usually occupied, plus the older residents are always throwing out old foods for them, the birds and the foxes.

There is always plenty for them to eat down there, so they never seem to bother others flowerbeds.

22 Aug, 2010

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