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Multi Pot Fuchsias


By Scotkat


As you take tip cuttings.

Try putting 6-8 and 1 in centre of pot.

Try first with your 2"pot and as they grow pot up to next size 3" then 4" .

Never split these keep in pot and you will see the roots underneath and you will have a large fuchsia display.

I would say final muliti pot size 4" or 5".

Then when they get to 3 pairs of leaves pinch out .

And try to remember to turn a 1/4 turn each day as your fuchsias will grow to light turning pots gives you a good end result of shape.

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Interesting reading Scotkat,Nice of you to share your tips..

14 Apr, 2009


Thank you Tina2 my pleasure.

14 Apr, 2009


That's an idea I'd never thought of before! I have grown several in one big pot put whenever I've taken tip cutting I pot them up individually! Will have to give it a go! :)

15 Apr, 2009


Hi Balcony we were shown this method at our fuchsia society.

And you get a lovely show and root system.

Maybe we show both do this with a photo at end of season.

15 Apr, 2009



As it takes a lot of skill to successfully plant and root about 12 fuchsia cuttings the size of encliandra petals why not try taking cuttings about an inch long, remove carefully the lower leaves, reduce in size the leading leaves then place in perlite or vermiculite with water added (lots of water).

The first paragraph on this BFS page:

I'm considering doing something like this!

16 Apr, 2009


Have you made a start Balcony ?

9 May, 2009


Last Saturday, 9th, I bought some pots of Fuchsias in the local market. As I wanted to plant five to each of my 4 free hanging baskets that I had been saving for hanging tomatoes. As the tomatoes didn't survive I had been left with 4 baskets without any plants.

On Sunday afternoon I planted up the baskets & from almost every plant I took about 4 cutting. I thought I would try the method explained above. I was careful to put cutting of the same variety in each pot with its label. Then I put them into plastic bags & put them on my bedroom windowsill. Unfortunately Monday & Tuesday's sun through the window dried up many of the cuttings & by the time I looked at them again on Tuesday evening I found many of them had died! :( If any survive & root I'll still be able to go ahead with the experiment.

13 May, 2009


Oh Dear Balcony but good fun trying.

What name of fuchsias did you buy?

13 May, 2009


Yeah, it's fun. I didn't lose them all & the ones in vermiculite seem to be in best shape. I'd never grow cutting in vermiculite & it's a experiment for me!

I've mixed vermiculite with the compost of my plants for years now & I find it produces extraordinary fine root systems & the plants seem to love it!

In my blog on Planting up hanging baskets you will find photos of the plant labels, still in the pots with the plants.

19 May, 2009


Ok Balcony shall look later .

Was rained off rain off now gardens to tend to .

19 May, 2009


Here are the names of the Fuchsias I bought:

La Campanella,
Miss California
Dollar Princess
Eva Boerg

I love the idea of swapping cutting! They are, usually, very easy to root & grow on - they grow like weeds for me! But this is the first time I've ever bought so many at one time or taken so many cutting.

19 May, 2009


Rained totally soaked now.

And postgirl just delivered my encliandra fuchsias .

Dont have any of your list Balcony.

You have a nice sellection there.

19 May, 2009


Thanks but it's only because those were the ones on the plant stall in the market when I went to get some for my hanging baskets. I don't deserve any credit - yet! - for them! Nevertheless, I hope the hanging baskets will look nice. So far I've had no casualties from the plants I put in.

Yesterday I took cutting from the last basket I planted up on Saturday. I took 3 or 4 from each plant,except Thalia, I could only get two from her. I put them all into vermiculite & into plastic bags. In the end I only lost three pots of cuttings that I took from the first plants a couple of weeks ago. The ones that survived I hope will be rooted quite soon. Those that came off best were the ones I put into vermiculite as an experiment. The ones that were put into soil with vermiculite didn't do so well, looks as if they had dried up, though when I emptied the pots the soil in the lower half was still moist.

20 May, 2009

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