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A sad day today for Music David Bowie


By Scotkat


A true legend gone but will live for ever.

So very sad.

I never bought his music but did like his music.

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It was quite incredible Kath, wasn't it that none of us had any idea of his illness? He was a one off. I saw him once about '72.he was fantastic although, I would say, he spent a lot of time off stage, changing him costumes!
But, what a showman and performer.still thinking about his last performance as his life ended. Planning his album and single release just as he was about to leave us!

11 Jan, 2016


I'm a bit like you Scotkat, lastnight on tv they called him an artist as well as a musician, I guess he was....

Sadly so many people passing at the moment, I listened to
Ed Stewpot on christmas morning as usual not realising it would be the last. ......

It feels like the end of an era.......

12 Jan, 2016


Yes Pam we grew up with all these legends .

But did think it was great to here David Bowie up there with Frank Sanatra and Elvis.

12 Jan, 2016


In terms of creativity, I think David Bowie stands out on his own.I can't think of anyone who created so many styles(music and fashion). He was, most definitely, an innovator.
There is a video doing the rounds on Facebook etc of an interview he did in 2000 with Paxman.It's quite incredible how he predicted the way music/the Internet etc would go.15/16 years on, he is spot on. He really was a huge part of popular music!

12 Jan, 2016


Yes he really was spot on Paul.

Its just so sad .

And he knew the end was near to do that viedo music album was amazing .

12 Jan, 2016


He was a man, completely in control of what happened in his life, it seems.even cancer didn't stop his creativity.and, he surprised right to the very end!

12 Jan, 2016


He cerainly did Paul and his music will never die.

12 Jan, 2016

12 Jan, 2016


Yes, a great tribute. Probably not what the visitors were expecting to hear.

12 Jan, 2016


so famous he even made it to a GOY blog!!!

He was one of my heros...Paul you were lucky to see him so early on..I saw him twice, once as tin machine and they didn't play one Bowie advertised...but it was amazing as there were only 2000 people and we got to be within eye contact with him...the other time is my most favourite gig ever...2000 headline slot at Glastonbury tens of thousands singing along!....very special......

Just watched your clip Scotkat...I would have loved to hear that.

But more than his music its the way he pushed fashion...its not that I want every one to walk around like Ziggy stardust but now we get to choose...for me personally the freedom to have whatever hair colour I choose...when I was a child all women my age 53 tomorrow...had white hair or that halfway house of dull grey.... I dyed it bright red today and I do it because it makes me feel RIP ...

13 Jan, 2016


I try and fail to imagine my mum in trousers.....let alone blue jeans!
I'm 63)
I don't dye my hair......allergies.. but thankfully its a nice silvery colour
Greys the new blonde according to my hairdresser.....she was adding silvery streaks to a young womans hair!

I don't know if it was a happy coincidence or planned but Stargazing live (featuring Major Tim) played Starman as the credits rolled......

13 Jan, 2016


I loved him, my sister was 4 years older than me so she bought the LP's so played alot at our home much to my mums disgust lol. I saw him at Bingley Halls, maybe late 70's. He dared to be different, RIP Bowie.

13 Jan, 2016


I loved him too. I was intrigued by his re-inventions but loved his amazing creativity. And I think Sandra makes a great point. I choose to let my hair go grey...but we do have choices now because of the work of Bowie and others. We are free to express ourselves and just 'be' ourselves in ways that weren't acceptable before he came along. He was a real innovator and leader. I'm so glad he lived. :)

13 Jan, 2016


My children and their children loved the film The Labyrinth (1986).
Both David's singing and acting were superb.

The basis of the story line was about a selfish 16-year old girl is given 13 hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by the Goblin King.

Still an enjoyable story for nan and granddad to watch with our youngest grandchildren.

I had the video go missing from my house but managed to get the film on a DVD.

David also wrote the song that Lulu sang "The Man Who Sold The World"

Here's a link

I met Lulu in 64 when she appeared a RAF Stanbridge when I was a young 16 year old cook. She was a decent lass and even took the time to say hello and sign my admission ticket when I popped into the changing room with her and The Luver's.

14 Jan, 2016


same here Dawn my older sister had his records too..

Karen I am waiting for my roots to go proper silver then i may stop..although Mrs Slocome off "are you being served" did her bit for the hair dye

Tommy its nice when you get to meet a star and they are lovely people...

14 Jan, 2016


He was a one off for many celebrities have passed away this year, just heard about Alan Rickman no age at all!!

14 Jan, 2016


You do as you want Sandra...its a choice - as my hairdresser says! I love the trend for rainbow hair colours...just not for me.

15 Jan, 2016


That's true D daisy, .......we lost close friends too in the last month or so....too many.

15 Jan, 2016


January can be a cruel month....

15 Jan, 2016


And december.....

16 Jan, 2016

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