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The tale of the reduced counter at Dobbies.


By Scotkat


In December of 2014 felt sorry for a poinsettia it was all alone with a price tag of £2 I decided to buy it and it was ever so poorly had a wee bit of red leaves but did not last for Christmas.

Did not give up on it but did put out to the Greenhouse,then in Spring I put it outside and left it to all the weather elements by August I repotted her in fresh compost but as doing this could see it was in a wee neeted plastic pot .

So I decided to cut the plastic net pot then repot in fresh compost.

Then left outdoors again took it back indoors and left it on kitchen window sill during the day then by 4pm I put it in a dark cubboard.

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That looks happy! Do you think you'll get any red bracts? I managed to keep one for two years once, but I usually just replace. I think it's a bit too warm for them in here at Christmas.

8 Nov, 2015


I kept last years until about april but then all the leaves dropped......wonder if it will have red bracts later on?.....
it looks really healthy

8 Nov, 2015


I am hoping its a challenge anyway did not like seeing it lonely on the shelf.

Sometimes think the garden centers buy in to many plants for Christmas as after Christmas loads left neglected.

8 Nov, 2015


Will be following your progress with this one Kath, I did manage to keep one a few years back for nearly a year only to lose it at the beginning of Dec, very miffed at that, I didn't know about placing it in the dark so poor thing probably was not getting enough sleep time, lol..

8 Nov, 2015


I have done this before as an exercise in just to see if I could. they need 12-14hrs of uninterrupted darkness from about late Sept onwards to turn red. if you open the box just to peak at it the light they get stops the process happening. its to do with far red and far,far red light wavelengths. commercial grows have special lamps for doing this.

11 Nov, 2015

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