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Miniture garden-furniture looked like dolls house furniture


By Scotkat


Saw this on a stand while visiting garden centre today.

This could so enjoyable making a miniture garden.

Not sure what plants you could use though.

A nice Autumn project.

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Hi Kath, were you intending to put a photograph on this ?, Derek.

5 Aug, 2015


No sorry Derek just an idea at the moment.

5 Aug, 2015


Ok Kath, no problem, Derek.

5 Aug, 2015


Depending on the scale (difficult to know what you really mean without a pic) moss, mind your own business, Bonsai trees?

5 Aug, 2015

This is similar type dolls house garden furniture I saw.

So I think I will repot my hollywood huechera into the garden area and use the pot it was potted in to make a miniture garden.

Hope this helps .

6 Aug, 2015


It'll be fun looking at small plants for your garden.....

i had to google miniature many ideas!

really looks such fun, In my browsing I found a couple of links x

6 Aug, 2015


When I was a child, my Granny used to help us make miniature gardens. Sometimes they were temporary and only lasted a few days, sometimes they were more permanent. We used little mirrors for ponds, and all sorts of things, in a dish or terracotta pan. We loved them!

6 Aug, 2015


My neighbour when I was a child used to bring his cars over to my garden and we used bricks as houses and dad's Roses were the trees. I always picked the car with the caravan Kath.

6 Aug, 2015


I love little gardens on plates made from moss and petals etc. The tiny worlds created are so pretty and dainty.

7 Aug, 2015

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