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By Scotkat


Garden tidy no need to pay for a Gym.

You get plenty exercise in your own garden .

First did 2 mile walk this morning then indoor chores then tidy up garden.

Then biked for 11 miles that’s my exercise for today.

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We went to the Wigtown show.......wellies and waterproofs
still enjoyed it though

you are to be so admired xxx

5 Aug, 2015


WOW Kath I don't know how you do it, yes I do, you are younger and fitter than me.!!

5 Aug, 2015


Lizziebe I am 62.

5 Aug, 2015


Yes, Kath, being a gardener for a living is the best stay slim plan I could ever be on! And, I eat like two horses!!

5 Aug, 2015


I think one of these subjects are enough for one day.

5 Aug, 2015


😀🚴. Just loving my bike to.

5 Aug, 2015


Hi Kath, that sounds like my exercise for the week, never mind a day. Derek.

5 Aug, 2015


I felt so good physically after basic training in the army that I decided to keep up with the physical training when I got out and stuck with it. At the present time gardening is my "PT" and is just the right thing for me since I'm 22 years older than Scotkat.

6 Aug, 2015


Excellent and well done in keeping fit Lstrife.
We do all need to try to keep our bodies fit if possible I know some are not so able to do.

6 Aug, 2015


And today walked 4miles an biked 16.72 miles just a perfect day.

6 Aug, 2015


Good for you, Kath! :-)) Just how far is 16.72 miles? Is that the round trip as recorded by your "mile-o-meter"? How far is .72 of a mile??? Doesn't make much sense to me! If you were to say ".72 kilometres" then that would make more sense as the kilometre can easily be divided into small units of 100m but a mile doesn't lend itself to the same. You would need first of all to divide the mile into 100 units (neither feet or yards or furlongs can be used in any meaningful way so I use the word "units" instead).

So what would .72 units of a mile be??? Not being all that well versed in maths as I am with gardening, I'll leave that to someone else to figure out. :-D)

11 Aug, 2015

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