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Aldis selling plug fuchsias


By Scotkat


In their own little plastic house.

Six for £1.99

Good quality plants.

So I bought 2 packs Matt Busby and Marinka.

I will for now let them sit on kitchen window sill till they get a bit bigger and outgrow their wee house.

I will then multi pot them untill they are in a 5inch pot.

And final planting they will go into a hanging pot.

I shall add photos as they grow.

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Great deal Kath. Things are beginning to happen. :0)

6 Mar, 2015


Yes Linda normally would not buy fuchsias from Aldi but they really were good plants.

6 Mar, 2015


Hi Kath, I've had a few plants from aldi, never had a problem with them, the only fault is they forget to water them, so they're fine when they get them in, and then they start to deteriorate, so best to get them as soon as they get them in, because they never put a reduced ticket on them, but if you ask them if they're reduced, they usually come up with a reduction, Derek.

6 Mar, 2015


Hi Derek this was a fresh delivery today so it was great to get them.

6 Mar, 2015


Well done Kath, you got there just at the right time, Derek.

6 Mar, 2015


Certainly did Derek

6 Mar, 2015


Thanks Kath got some last week I hope yours do well , I got some trailing begonias in a hanging basket same place 4.99

6 Mar, 2015


And you Thrupennybit, great prices.

Its a shame for garden centres when places like Aldis sell at Google d prices.

Agree with Derek plants are great if you are there as soon as they come in ,same as Lidils thry had came
You As and rhodies the other week.

Look forward to watching yours grow.

7 Mar, 2015


A good buy Kath..Thursday is usually plant delivery day at least it is here..I've had some good plants from there too,over the past few years..I hope they do well for you..

7 Mar, 2015


Oh perfect timing, I'm going there this morning, hope they have some left.....

7 Mar, 2015


Hope you get some Pam

7 Mar, 2015


Our local Aldi is quite small and they often reduce the prices after a couple of days I bought the Fuchsias for about 99p last year the only problem is they seem to have the same varieties again this year Marinka Mat Busby Dollar Princess it would be nice if the changed the varieties.
It would pay you to remove the tips now to make bushier plants and use the tips for cuttings they root easy.

8 Mar, 2015


Hello Kath
I have also bought some little greenhouse plug plants but mine cost £3.00 each from another local store - not Lidl's !
They are also very healthy plants. Do you think
that the green houses could be used again to propogate more seeds /cuttings?. Mine had the water retention gel in the bottom . I've been in the greenhouse this morning potting them on.

8 Mar, 2015


Yes Marjorie mien to has that gel stuff but I to thaught could reuse them for tip cuttings.

I to been busy with my standards

Peterathome yes be great if they had different fuchsias maybe worth saying to them , I alwasy pinch out after the 3rd pair of leaves are health and take tip cuttings ,will do this another day Peter.

8 Mar, 2015


Went to Aldi today and bought a pack of Dollar Princess 99p only two varieties left the other variety was Eva Boerg you worked on your standards were they Fuchsias would like to see a picture of them.
I have kept mine in a cold green house they seem ok just starting to produce shoots.

9 Mar, 2015


My standards are Phyliss ,Mandarin Cream and Megan.

And have come through the winter well with new shoots now.

9 Mar, 2015

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