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Alan Titchmarch Back Gardens


By Scotkat


Anyone watching so good to see gardens on TV again .

Specially on a snowy evening.

Did you have a a favourite.

Apart from all the flora i lovd the Japenese garden.

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I liked the first one at the B&B

13 Jan, 2015


I liked the Japanese garden, it was so peaceful.
The other gardens were also very good. It is amazing what
gardeners can do in the space available.
Alan Titchmarch is my favourite presenter.

14 Jan, 2015


Is it a series of programmes?
Hope so.

14 Jan, 2015


I also like AT, he knows his subject but is not condescending to gardeners. I found the gardens he chose a little bit too perfect for my taste but I guess my favourite one was the Japanese because it looked acheiveable

14 Jan, 2015


Wildrose , you must have missed Terra's blog telling us that the series was starting last week .
Lovely to watch on a cold night , aren't they ?

14 Jan, 2015


I enjoyed both programmes, have to say my favourite was the last one with the wild meadow and huge pond it must be fabulous to have a space big enough for all of that....
Tell me did anyone else think that Grenviles garden was very familiar to one we were able to see in Goys early days, or is it just coincidental....

14 Jan, 2015


LL - Grenville was a member of GOY in the early days, so you didn't dream it - that is why the garden was so familiar. The same with the Four Seasons Garden (the last one shown in the first program of the series which AT visited in pouring rain)

14 Jan, 2015


Thanks Driad I will try to see next week's programme.

14 Jan, 2015


Andrew I thought it had got to be the same one, if I remember correctly there were two of them and they were passionate about their garden, think it also featured in one of the gardening magazines as well....

14 Jan, 2015


Lincs - didn't Grenville leave GOY for a time when one of them was diagnosed with cancer? Or am I putting two and two together and coming up with the wrong answer?

14 Jan, 2015


Thats what threw me out for a while Andrew as they always signed off from Grenville and Alan, I was surprised to only see one of them, the account is deleted so I couldn't find the photo's and blogs to check back, perhaps thats why, possibly Spritz or Terra would know....

15 Jan, 2015


The programme on the 20th (Tuesday) is about the Exotic Garden in Henstead in Suffolk , very near to where we live .
It is a "visit" for many groups etc in the area .
I haven't been , but I do pass it on a regular basis as friends live opposite virtually .

17 Jan, 2015


I would find it hard to have a favourite, they were all so beautifully created, and each one so different......

17 Jan, 2015


I saw two of Alan Titchmarch's programmes about Buckingham Palace but as we went to Spain for 10 days at the beginning of the month I missed the last. I had an alarm on my phone to warn me when the programme was on & this evening when it went off I put the TV on but there was no gardening programme only a very old James Bond film! So I've now removed the alarm.

Driad, what time is the "Exotic Garden in Henstead in Suffolk" on as I'd like to watch it!.

18 Jan, 2015


It is in the Tuesday episode , Balcony .

19 Jan, 2015


Thanks! :-))

21 Jan, 2015


Saw Charlie Dimmock, looking more mature, extolling the delights of the peony tonight early on. Lots of gardening slots on at the moment. I like those ones where 200 hundred jolly workman transform a rubbishy back garden into a landscaped miracle in just a few days. I do wonder if the some of none gardeners who have this done for them can keep it looking good. I remember Alan Titchmarsh used to sneak back. Sometimes a feature had mysteriously vanished.

21 Jan, 2015

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