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Fuchsias now all pruned back


By Scotkat


I shall leave them in their hanging pots over the winter .

For now they are in the greenhouse.

But before the end of the year theŇ∑ shall get moved in to our conservatory .

Then in Spring I shall repot into fresh compost.

In the past I have even wrapped in newspaper put them in a box and up into the loft for the winter .

But last year they did well in the conservatory and I use it as my indoor Sittootery where I can potter with my plants if my greenhouse doors freeze .

It’s nice to watch them come to rest then start to grow again over the winter .

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I must cut mine back! Been very wet today though that's my excuse! I left mine outside last year on the patio protected in a corner, they've all flowered this year but it was mild.

8 Oct, 2014


Sewingkilla I give them a small prune at this time of year to give them a tidy and a hard prune I Springtime.

8 Oct, 2014


I'm loathe to do mine, they are still flowering beautifully.

8 Oct, 2014


Angie hing on tae thim fur as lang us yi kan

Bit fin leaves start ti ging yella its time ti give a wee prune :)

8 Oct, 2014


Sounds like a foreign tongue! LOL! :-D)

My only Fuchsia, 'Lady Boothby' is flowering better now than during the the summer! But I'm beginning to wonder if it really is that plant! I've had it 3 or 4 years & you'd expect it to have reached the ceiling of the balcony by now but no, it's hardly half a metre high! But I'm going to transplant it into a big pot all to itself (with some Crocuses planted underneath!) with fresh compost & hope that next year it "picks up its boots" before I pick up mine!

8 Oct, 2014


Cheers Kath. I withdrew food and water last time we spoke but the moist conditions now has obviously been good for them.
I'm hoping tae keep them at the back door and only bring them in as soon as the weather turns bad.

9 Oct, 2014


I've been tidying my Fuchsias up too,Kath,but I'm leaving them outside till it turns cold.The tender ones will come into my Consrvatory too..I only have a shed,and a plastic Growhouse..I potted most of the Pelargoniums up today,so they are all ready now,and just trimmed those back a bit for now.Most still have flowers and buds to come yet...It has been lovely and sunny this past two afternoons,with just the odd heavy shower..I can live with it like this :o)

9 Oct, 2014


I was about to transplant my Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' to a new pot today but when I went to tip it out I realised there were a lot of bulbs in the pot as well. Some were actively growing while others were just pushing their noses through the soil. I hadn't realised just how many there were till I tipped the pot over & removed a inch of top soil.

Just yesterday I took some cutting of this Fuchsia which I hope will root. It's a bit late in the year I know but I've had success in the past with taking late cuttings so I thought maybe these will root for me.

I had some Gladioli corms & so I made small holes in the soil & pushed them down as far as I could. There were already some Gladioli in the pot which have been there for years. They are white but this year for the first time they haven't flowered.

When I finished I added some more topsoil & planted seedling Pansies in it. At least I won't be looking at bare soil all winter & with a bit of luck they will come through the winter & I'll get some nice white flowers come the spring! :-)) The seedlings came from a white Pansy my wife I bought back in May to put on the balcony. Although the original plants died some time ago I saved some seedpods & sprinkled their contents over a big pot. They germinated well & have been getting bigger but couldn't stay all winter where they were. I've spread them around several pots so I'm hoping for a fine display from them in the spring!

16 Oct, 2014

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