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What a change in the weather today


By Scotkat


It started off 7deg bit of a chill in the air .

And there has been a lot of rain and floods

But this afternoon back to 15 d stunning sunshine

Just biked 17 and half miles.

Just had to share photos of this beauty of a day we have been ever so lucky.

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Hi Kath, you're certainly getting better weather than we are, it wasn't too bad this afternoon, so we decided to visit a garden centre, I wanted some things that. I knew my usual nursery wouldn't have, what a waste of time and diesel that was!!, I thought the first 1 was getting ready to close down, all they had were pansies, painted heathers, and a few conifers, although they did have plenty Christmas trees and such, so we left, to go to another g c, same again, I asked a chap who looked like the manager, if he sold teak oil, he looked at me puzzled, thenjust said, yes, I waited for some indication as to where I might find it, but there was nothing forthcoming, so I said, any clues, so he turned round, looked at a shelf, then informed me that they usually sell it, but they had sold out, so we left there as well, unfortunatelyby this time it was starting to rain, we then got the heaviest rain we've seen for weeks, so we came straight home empty handed, Derek.

8 Oct, 2014


Sorry you had such a fruitless day Derek. Hope you get some sun tomorrow. GCs are rubbish at this time of year aren't they? Nothing but tinsel. We all need to keep supporting our local plant nurseries...where all they sell is plants and compost! :) I have three within reasonable distance, and I go there as often as I can. They are good at trying to get in whatever you ask for.

8 Oct, 2014


Hi Karen, I used to use 2 local nurseries, but 1 of them changed hands earlier in the year, the first thing they did was treble the price of everything, so I don't go there now, the other 1 has a reasonable variety of plants, but seem to have something against labels, and I wanted a particular species of Yucca, also they don't sell garden sundries, they don't even sell compost, so occasionally I have to use a garden centre, but as you say, at this time of year, they're more like Christmas centres, Derek.

8 Oct, 2014


Lovely blue skies Kath, not nice here, we've gone from our indian summer into winter, BRRRR....... seem to have missed out on the gentle autumn days, lol....

8 Oct, 2014


Beautiful blue sky Scotkat, hope the sun will shine for you for few days.

9 Oct, 2014


I am lucky Derek, have an excellent g.c. 4 miles away. I
always have a meal in the exellent low priced restaurant,
and buy an item ready for the spring, tub, fertiliser, bulbs,
house plant, always take something to the checkout.
Keeps them going in the winter months.
If we all do this they will be there stocked up with the plants we want when we climb out of our armchairs next

9 Oct, 2014


p.s. Scotkat, be careful on that bike when there is black
ice. I was cycling all my life.
Your county council should publish a list of roads on their
salting programme. They do main roads first, then side
roads next, sometimes the side roads are very dangerous
and there is no indication that they have not been salted.
After I went a banger it made me very angry, as Kettering
council lorries turned off a country road, down through a wood to salt a village roads. The rest of the road to Thrapston should have been salted by Thrapston council and they did it last.
My bike went sideways and my helmeted head hit the road.
A car following me was driven by a man who knew about this, he had slowed, saved my life.

9 Oct, 2014


What I should have written Scotkat is that where the borough boundary ends half way between two towns
there is no indication that the gritting lorries turn back
there. I kicked up hell with them. Wanted a sign put on the side of the road to warn cyclists. All they did was put the information on leaflets in the council offices.
Not much of a disclaimer if my relatives had claimed
compensation for my death.
I was just lucky the driver following me lived locally and knew about it.

9 Oct, 2014


Diane we are also drivers and cyclist aware of when roads are icy .

Thats why we have a bike trainer to put our own bikes on to do our workout in our garage or conservatorĊ· when weather changes

We value our lives to much to be silly.

9 Oct, 2014


My comment was really to warn others Kat.
Particularly people who cycle to work along country roads
early on winter mornings.
We have had 3 fatalities in Northants over the last 20
years. I knew the roads. There was nothing wrong with
them. Thought at the time that the victim had fallen on
black ice and been hit by a car, the driver clearing off.
I get bored on my indoor cycle trainer.
Know someone who rides it reading a book !

10 Oct, 2014


Point taken Diane but you have done it again to spoil my blog.

As everyone knows we enjoy our cycling hobby

And if they snoĊµ does come we need the trainer to keep. Our legs fit and there is no way you can read a book on the trainer as your own bike is connected to it and you still have to peddle and change your gears.

Please stop adding comments if you are going to spoil and scare.

10 Oct, 2014


Hi Kath great scenery to be enjoying, isn`t it lovely to be getting such good weather this late in the year, hope there`s a few more to come.

10 Oct, 2014


you have clearly had a lovely sunny day for your ride. I envy your prowess. after 10 miles I am really saddle sore . oh can do 70/80 miles a day without any discomfort. I asked my gp and I have a very straight tail instead of a curvy one. Nothing I can do about it except grit teeth, extra thick padding and 'o saddle' and pain killers.
explained the discomfort giving birth too :o)

I enjoy your blogs so please keep doing them.

10 Oct, 2014

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