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Fuchsia Cuttings all moved to Conservatorŷ


By Scotkat


Where mŷ conservatory becomes my indoor gaden Sittootery over the winter.

As have now moved mŷ Orchids into my lounge and my kitchen window sill ,they will get moved back in Spring.

The fuchsia cuttings have now got ahead start for next year

They are all in 3inch pots and looking good.

My hanging pots of fuchsias get pruned back and get moved into along with my standards.

Then my greenhouse will be out of use till Spring as I only use the heat in greenhouse mid March.

I am now awaŷ to take the red geraniums out of my wall planters and plant them up with dwarf daffodill bulbs.

So I can have a Yellow Spring Display on fence .

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You are reminding me if several jobs I must get in with, Kath!

Do you always prune your fuchsias now? I've always let them die back and then cut back to new growth in early spring. What are the advantages/ disadvantages?

24 Sep, 2014


Hi Susanna

You are correct to each to there own

I give a tidŷ up just now but a hard prune I Spring.

As some of mine are past flowering and looking rather untidy this is why I gave a prune.

They shed their own leave soon.

But always repot I Spring with fresh compost.

24 Sep, 2014


That's good to know, Kath. I am far from expert, and always keen to learn more. I am very lucky that it is generally so mild here. I think a lot of things survive in spite of me!

24 Sep, 2014


Yes I really do nead to protect my fuchsias

Mind you last winter was is mild but I still have them protected.

As you ever can tell what our weather can be.

24 Sep, 2014


You are certainly getting sorted Kath, puts me to shame, do have an excuse though as busy with decorating indoors, much rather be getting dirty outside but needs must I'm afraid....

24 Sep, 2014


Lincslass it's a case of saving from using greenhouse heat when I have heat oh at night indoors now and anŷ sunlight comes into conservatorŷ.

My cuttings were all started at start of garden season so now got good young plants that I can nurture through the winter and take more tip cuttings to keep their shape

One ,2.3 pairs of leaves on the 3rd pinch out and turn a quarter turn early day if you have time to do this you shall have good shaped fuchsias.

24 Sep, 2014


Good to know you have some good plants to keep over the winter, Scot. Back in 1980 I grew a lot of cutting to turn into standards for the summer. They grew very well & I got a lot of lovely Fuchsia standards that flowered all summer in big pots.

I grew several on our balcony for some years but - even though they resisted the terrible winter of 2009-10 the following winter they died even though they were in exactly the same place as other winters & treated more or less the same.

They had 3ft stems so the heads poked out over the top of the balcony railings! In their formative years they got "burned" with the strong cold winds one spring & were lop-sided. I was upset at the time but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as from then on I could have the half of growing head over the railings & still have room to get past them inside the balcony!

24 Sep, 2014


Ah, just the lady I need :)
I was going to pm you about winter care Kath.
My Fuchsia are still looking great and wanted to know when I should stop watering them.
I intend to keep them in the house for winter. At what sort of temperatures do I need to bring them in?
Great to read you are on top of things already.

24 Sep, 2014


And so the winter move around begins.

24 Sep, 2014


It certainly does Linda but today it's been a fantastic warm day and still the sun does shine.

25 Sep, 2014


Lovely here, too. Definitely Autumn, though! And not bad for late September 😊

26 Sep, 2014


Scottish, you can start to reduce the water for your Fuchsias now. Let them stand a day or two longer without watering than usual & don't feed them any more - if you have been doing that. By the end of the month (October!) the leaves will have turned yellow & maybe falling off. When they are leafless you can cut the branches back by half & leave them fairly dry - not bone dry if you intend to leave them in their pots. Just dampen the soil a little from time to time - but don't soak them!

They should be kept in a dry, frost proof place over winter, light is not really necessary so you can put them in a dark place till the end of February/beginning of March.

28 Sep, 2014

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