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The Peoples Friend Diary of 1997


By Scotkat


I have been tidying a cub-board and in among some of mŷ late mums photos came across this diary .Brings back memories.

It must have been free in a magazine.

I remember her reading this magazine many yrs ago and then when she finished reading it ,it then got passed to a friend.

Got monthly hints and tips.

Came across this one for tomatoes on Kitchen Tips.

To firm a tomatoe that’s gone too soft,place in a a container of salted water(one heaped tablespoonful for three teacups of water)and place in the fridge for at least an hour.

I don’t know if this works but have enjoyed reading all the tips.

If you would like me to add some more hints from the diary happy to .
Also found her Spillers Party Cook Book.

Who remembers this book?

In the garden

If your garden hose has too many holes and is irreparable,add a few more and turn it into a sprinkler for a lawn or veggie patch.

Here is another tip

Don’t throw away your old hot water bottle,fill it with it with foam rubber or old stockings or tights to make useful kneeling pad.

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Sounds like you've been having some nostalgia time Kath! There'll be less time for reveries when the spring comes! I'm so looking forward to seeing the countess' wildflowers beside the walled garden!

12 Jan, 2014


Yes Karen but also a big tidy out some get rid some keep.

Yes it will be fantastic at Glamis and so beautiful.

12 Jan, 2014


Hi Kath ..
That must have brought back all kinds of memories ..
I like the hints and tips ... fascinating !

12 Jan, 2014


Hi Kath, sounds like some good tips there, please put more on, not bothered about any cookery ones though, has I keep telling my wife, I'm a gardener, not a cook, when she tells me how easy things are, they might be to her, but not to me, Derek.

12 Jan, 2014


I wonder just how many gardening hints and tips the members of GOY could drum up between them.

12 Jan, 2014


They would be endless Angie, defo more than a years worth!

12 Jan, 2014


Feel free to add your hints and tips to this blog.

12 Jan, 2014


'Peoples Friend' eh, that goes back some years.

12 Jan, 2014


I used to like reading that too, mum's friend used to pass it on to us..and talking of going back a bit,I used to love 'Woman's Weekly' as a child..and couldn't wait to read about 'Roly Robin '! I would love to read more tips that you come across :o)

12 Jan, 2014


Oh gosh I can remember that magazine, our next door neighbour had it delivered and used to pass it on to my mum who then passed it on to my aunt, all comics and magazines were passed around in those days, they could also be found in the doctors waiting room along with Women's Weekly, lol..... I am always fascinated with old tips passed down....

12 Jan, 2014


Snap Sandra, lol...

12 Jan, 2014


Still are Lincs....... Mum always had it then passed it to my aunt (next door) I then had it and passed to my neighbour.When Mum died I carried it on and now I pass it to my cousin who gives it to my aunt, she's 90 this year......peoples friends current issue is 7504......
pleasant stories and lovely articles of britain and wildlife.......especially of Scotland

13 Jan, 2014


I love the cover of the diary.

I also love to read tips like the ones you mentioned. Mum used to get them in a local newspaper and cut them out and saved them all for me.

Life was simpler then wasn't it?

13 Jan, 2014


Hi Wildrose my Ma used to cut all the tips out of the Sunday Post and she put them into a scrapbook?

She still did this before she took Dementia sadly she forgot all about this I tried so hard to get her interested in this again tears as I type .

In the end she ended up in care and she no longer knew me.
I then became me Dads carer as he had had a stroke .

So I then became a stroke volunteer for 10yrs and the scrap book ended up at the stroke club where another member enjoyed her scrap book.

Sadness can also bring joy .

When Dad died I stepped down from being a volunteer and and stayed in my garden with my thoughts and memory plants .

14 Jan, 2014


I am sorry if I made you sad by writing what I did. Life can throw many challenges at us can't it? It is how we tackle them that counts. You did all you could possibly do to help your parents and other people who also needed your support.
You must now think more about yourself again.

14 Jan, 2014


No Wildrose you never made me sad.

And 2013 was a fantastic year for me lots happened.

15 Jan, 2014

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