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Fuchsias all pruned


By Scotkat


And now protected for winter.

Instead of keeping in my greenhouse I have taken all my fuchsias into my conservatory over the winter.

I am sure they will have a better chance of coming the through the coming winter.

They will now rest till Spring along with cuttings which are up at Glamis Glass house.

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Hi Kath, I have let a couple of the cuttings you sent me produce flowers, {just because I wanted to see them flowering} they're now about 7" high, I have them in my greenhouse, kept round about 40 deg f, I will be taking them off soon, to give them a break, they certainly do want to flower, thank you, Derek.

9 Nov, 2013


My main Mandarin Cream plant is still full flowers Derek but is now in conservatory where we have gas central heating although not hot in their to rest of house.

I only have a fan heater for greenhouse .

I shall move them in to Greenhouse in Spring as it gets warmer again and if there is still a chill I can put on heater only for a short time.

What do you feed your fuchsias with Derek at start and through out season ?

Hope this finds you both well.

Thats great you got them to flower for you.

Do have the fuchsia called Flash?

9 Nov, 2013


Hi Kath, we're both fine Kath, thank you.
I haven't grown Fuchsia's for years, and the ones you sent me are the only ones I have, when I did grow them I never bothered feeding them, I tend to prepare the ground with fertilizer, compost etc, and just forget it, and let my plants get on with whatever they want to do, usually works for me.
I have a small 2kw fan heater for emergency use, which will just about keep the greenhouse frost free, but the main heater is a 6kw propane heater, which would heat a greenhouse at least twice the size of mine, so there is plenty of reserve there if necessary.
Hope you're recovering from your cold & cough, Derek.

9 Nov, 2013


I have the fuchsia 'Flash' it is supposed to be hardy but I have never left it out during the winter, it has a smaller single flower, but grows into quite a strong tallish plant,
it is quite a clear red. Hope this helps.

9 Nov, 2013


Hi Lizziebee a big ask do you have any tip cuttings of Flash?

9 Nov, 2013


I don't at the moment Kath, I will try some early in the spring, I doubt they would work now even though I havnt cut it back yet. I was going to take some others for you anyway, lets hope we get a mild spring and they start early.

9 Nov, 2013


Just noticed, there is a picture of Flash in my fuchsia selection on here.

9 Nov, 2013


Thankyou LB I have pruned all mine and instead of in Greenhouse I have moved them all in to my conservatory instead of heating greenhouse.

9 Nov, 2013


It might be worth trying Lizzibee. I got some small ones to root in water only a few weeks ago. My hardies are still in full flower and Snowcap is better than it's been all summer - not bad for well into November! Still, they owe us this year because of the very late start they all had.

9 Nov, 2013


My fuchsias are flowering as well as they have all year, but i will be taking them in this week. They'll have to survive in a cold greenhouse. They usually do, so here's hoping.

10 Nov, 2013


We have lots of Fuchsias both in the two greenhouses and outside. The latter are still doing well!

Both greenhouses are old, one especially so, and I have to confess that our daughter hoped the gale would put an end to both!

10 Nov, 2013


I over wintered mine in the shed last year, haven't got a proper Gh, only a "grow house". Don't know whether it would be warm enough for my fucshias in that.Anyone else know if it would be,if not it's the shed again, they survived last year!

11 Nov, 2013


I don't have any Fuchsias this year but a few years ago I filled my 5 hanging baskets with them & I had the best summer colour I think I've ever had since moving into this flat 12 years ago!

I love Fuchsias but haven't bought any more for a couple of years.

Back at the start of the '80s I grew lots of them as standards & often rooted tiny tips during the winter in a cold bedroom (spare at that time) on a windowsill. I got so many to root that come spring I didn't know what to do with them!

I had several standard Fuchsias that I grew myself from cutting to have 1m (3ft) stems so they could grow out over the balcony railings. These standards lasted me 5 or 6 years till one winter they didn't pull through even though they were in exactly the same place as previous winters & got the same treatment. I was rather upset at losing them.

As mine have always been grown in pots I used to fertilize them with a general fertilizer in spring & then switch to a high potash one during the summer. I used the tomato fertilizer for ALL my plants during the summer - except for 'Busy Lizzies' (Impatiens) which don't like it at all! I never use fertilizer after September on any plants.

11 Nov, 2013

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