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Yesterday an afternoon walking to the Hermitage Dunkeld


By Scotkat


Its a wonderful area to walk .

I took some photos but will share later.

We came across a wedding party walking to the Hermitage all dolled up in their refinery and high I mean high heels unsuitable to walk jn as we had our hillwalking boots.

We had the joy of seeing the salmon leap.

And then popped in for a nice cup of tea and cake in Dunkeld to the Spilling bean coffee shop.

This is where the salmon leap.

Foliage starting to change colour the next 2 weeks it will be stunning.

Plenty berries along the path.

This is the hanging basket growing outside the coffee shop in Dunkeld.

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sounds wonderful :) to see salmon leap :)

29 Sep, 2013


I love these kind of walks,Kath..always something lovely to look at on the way..especially the water..We used to watch Salmon leaping ,when we lived on the west coast in Cumbria..coming up from the sea to spawn...aren't they a marvellous sight? We were very naughty in those days,as the ones that didn't make it,were taken by the lads to our local Butcher,who put them in his freezer ,and were divided up between all us lot..and himself of course,at Christmas ! good job they were never caught by the river baillifs..I cringe to think what we did,and I was a good runner too :o)

29 Sep, 2013


just came back to your blog because of the comment that was shown on my front page :) great having that prompt as it says on growsonyou this is a place to share in the comments so it makes sense that we have that prompt or how would we know that conversation was going on :) but in this case iam pleased because when i commented before there was no photos of the salmon jumping out of water :) (you had indicated that you would be putting photos up soon) :) and how iam so pleased to see that fantastic image ot the salmon leaping :) thank you for sharing :)

from jane....

ps:- ive never ever seen this spectacular sight before :) like you and i can see by the comment from bloomer has too...

29 Sep, 2013


Nice to see you back to getting out and about, guess that means your back must be better, lovely place for a walk.

29 Sep, 2013


Still feel back painful at base but now can walk again Lizzieb.

Yes this really is a fab place to walk.

And yesterday it was ever so warm.

29 Sep, 2013


Seeing the Salmon leaping is a really wonderful thrilling sight. I shall know where to go to see them next time Kath! Fantastic is one of my favourite places in Scotland..Dunkeld I has so much to offer. I shall be heading back that way on Friday, stopping at the House of Bruar for brunch, and then at Skiach for afternoon tea before heading on to Tongue! Another six hour journey...but I do love it. Scotland is amazing isn't it? All the seasons have so much to offer here. I think I would find winter so much easier if I got out and walked more like you and OH do! :)

29 Sep, 2013


It is all so lovely at this time of year. As you say, in another couple of weeks it'll be stunning.

29 Sep, 2013


This is my favourite time of the year Melchie followed by Spring blooms.

29 Sep, 2013


All so beautiful - no wonder you are looking happy!

29 Sep, 2013


Looks a really nice looks good too. Watch your back tho' I remember it was walking that hurt it before.

30 Sep, 2013


Yes Linda this is a wonderful walk at any time of the year.

I am taking it slower now and not using poles now and when I do only 1 instead of two.

I am just back from my daily walk of our local woods I used to do this walk every day so today was 1st time back since I had a sore back.

I really enjoyed it .No squirrels or birds this morning though.

I have physo at 1.30 today so this may be my last session.

1 Oct, 2013


I am thinking of joining a yoga class for the winter months. It is meant to be good for your back. I used to go to one but I intend to join the beginners. It gets a bit hard the further on you get.

2 Oct, 2013


Great Linda I had thought of Tai Chai.

As thought the yoga may aggrivate

2 Oct, 2013

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