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Clematis Propagation


By Scotkat


I have never propagated clematis before.

So going out to take some tip cuttings.

Has anyone had success with this before.

Also away to repot front wall planters with trailing heucheras.

But the last time I planted up wall planters the compsot kept drying out.

So this time going
to use 1 with horizon compost and may add perilite and some grit.

And other one going to use Arther Bowers and see if there is a difference.

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Hi Kath, I hope your back pain has now cleared up, and you're feeling better.
I wouldn't take cuttings just yet, you should take softwood cuttings in spring, or semi ripe ones in summer, or you can layer them in late winter or early spring, but I think layering in early spring is the surest way, Derek.

31 Aug, 2013


Many thanks Derek still pain if I bend.

But getting better thank you.

31 Aug, 2013


What about using those gel crystal thingies Kath. Can't remember their proper name. They absorb water for slower release. Although whether they will work in winter, I don't know.
I've experimented a bit with containers this year. Instead of filling the containers and planting - I potted up the plants to the next sized pots (to fit into container) used a few chips in the base to get the height right. Popped the pot/plant in the container. When watering is required - I take them out and plunge them in a basin of water for a good soak. It seems to last a bit longer than watering from above and it gets right to the roots.
Perhaps you could rig up your troughs - pack around the pots with moss (?) then when watering and lift them out the holes will remain to pop the plants back in.
Have no idea about the Clematis - I did try layering once but unsuccessful.

31 Aug, 2013


Have a little experiment and see which way is most successful for you, maybe even different varieties could be different!

31 Aug, 2013


Guess we can always just try:)

31 Aug, 2013


I use those gel crystals a lot. I used them under a geranium and a berberis in a very dry bed where they were really struggling - they worked well and went on working for several years.(May still be working don't know as we moved house)

31 Aug, 2013


I've never tried to take Clematis cuttings as I was surprised on a few occasions how successful seed growing Clematis is! I always I,Agilent they'd be very difficult but , not the ones I tried.

31 Aug, 2013


Hi, only species clematis come true from seed, although you can sow the seed of the others you wont get an identical plant, they may be better or worse than the parent, but too hit and miss, and it takes a while to find out which, Derek.

1 Sep, 2013


I find my wall planters dry out as well Kath even though they are in the shade until early evening, they are the curved ones and I don't think there is enough depth to them, I usually only have Ivy, Creeping Jenny and Pansies in them for that very reason, I have had more success since using a mix of good old garden dirt in with the compost when planting up.
Never have managed to succeed wih Fuschia cuttings and yet my girl finds it very easy,lol, usually do ok with most other cuttings and also have used the layering method with some shrubs, good luck with yours, I always think everything is worth a try.......

1 Sep, 2013


Ooooh Lincslass, DIRT, I was always told that dirt is what you get under your finger nails, Soil is what you grow plants in, lol, Derek.

1 Sep, 2013


I have grown herbaceous Clematis from seed Derek and Tangutica Bill McKenzie which came true!

1 Sep, 2013


Hi Paul, I think the plants you mention are species, C Bill McKenzie, syn with C orientalis, C tangutica, and if I'm not wrong, I think the herbaceous ones are all species in their own right, Derek.

1 Sep, 2013


Yes, I think so Derek.I wouldn'tt however expect the big summer flowerers to come true from seed!

1 Sep, 2013


Derek I often have " good ole dirt" under my fingernails, lol, I also have some" good ole muck" as well but thats in my compost bins. LOL....

2 Sep, 2013


I have lots of containers in my garden and find those crystals are invaluable. They also last quite some time, from one year to the next.
As well as mixing some good garden 'dirt' in there too!
Good luck

30 Apr, 2014


Oh, and I also broke a piece of my clematis when I was planting it up, by mistake.

I planted it up too with rooting stuff, etc, gave it lots of TLC........

And guess what? I've got a second plant now - yeah!!

30 Apr, 2014


Thanks Anne as I have got a piece of broken clematis .

Must try your method.

30 Apr, 2014


Lincs, have you tried rooting fuchsias in water? Usually works for me.

1 May, 2014

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