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Trying out New Orchid Feed Akerne's Rain Mix


By Scotkat


Its a 150gr tub of granules and you make it up in water.

Yrs a go I used to buy a tub in granule forum.

And it lasted a long time and then I stopped seeing it to buy.

I shall update a progress report if I see difference in quality change.

Here are some of my orchids.

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Do you have many orchids, Kath? I never seem able to get mine to flower a second time.

23 Aug, 2013


Yes I have 16 Susanne and a few in re bud mode.

23 Aug, 2013



24 Aug, 2013


But they dont take up any room at all Susanne all spaced out .

Thats them now fed with this new orchid feed.

And wont need to do this again untill my Orchids are bone dry.

You can tell they need rehydrated when the roots are white and not green.

24 Aug, 2013


Right. Well - I keep trying, Kath! I was told to give them half a pint of tepid water once a week, and let them drain. Would you agree with that?

24 Aug, 2013


No not once a week.

I have only ever done this once a month bu tif it has been really hot you can tell they need a drink if pot is light .

And roots are white not green .

You can over water .

This method has worked well with me for yrs.

24 Aug, 2013


Righto! I shall definitely follow your advice, Kath. Thank you.

24 Aug, 2013


Others may have different methods Susanne .

24 Aug, 2013


They're all worth trying. I haven't managed to have one re-flower yet! I read advice to cut the stem down to the next bud when the flower is finished, so I've done that - what do you think?

24 Aug, 2013


Yes I have and do that to .

If the stems start to go woody link but so far mine are always show signs of new bud growth.

Good luck

24 Aug, 2013



24 Aug, 2013


I put my two in the greenhouse in May , and have watered now and again , but one rewarded me with a swelling along the stem , and we now have a bloom !
I find them a bit of a mystery .
I like your "charges" , Scotkat .

24 Aug, 2013


I just love them Driad I like to buy with 2 stems or 3 stems the last 1 had 5 stems.

My lastest being a dendodrium.

Most of mine are in my conservatory and rest the ones in bloom are in my lounge &dining room.

24 Aug, 2013

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