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Trial Glamis Tropicals at home


By Scotkat


Two weeks ago Karen and I took some tropical to give a trial in our garden and indoors.

We are growing a number of these in the Glasshouse of Glamis Castle Walled Garden .

Ginger Indian Surprise

Colocasia Emarald

Black Magic

This is all new to me as no idea of how to grow or feed them.

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That's going to be interesting, Kath!

17 Aug, 2013


Is there anyone on Goy who could help?

17 Aug, 2013


There used to be Jen, but I don't know if she still comes on...junglejen I think. Her wonderful tropical garden was featured on the telly last year.

17 Aug, 2013


Yes Jen used to be on my own website but no longer comes not sure where she is as I sent an email but she never replied.

17 Aug, 2013


Do you have to overwinter them?
I dont grow gingers as i know they wont survive here,
Colocasia are too complicated for me but i do try. I had some sucess with black magic a couple of years ago and colocasia esculenta do ok but dont get as big as i would like. Ive tried overwintering with no sucess so treat them as annuals..

Copy and pasted this from another forum im a member of..

The well drained bit is important for successful overwintering of some varieties, especially Black Magic, and small pots as the roots won't be agressively growing over the winter. Then place in a bright to sunny, frost free, place, 7C minimum for Black Magic types.. The plants will then grow, very slowly, over the winter. Keep dryish, and only water from the bottom by standing the pot in 1cm (1/2 inch) of water for a minute. This reduced the risk of rot setting in. Also remove any old leaf bases as these will turn to mush and promote rot. Air movement from open windows or a fan will also help to fight rot. - See more at:

17 Aug, 2013


Hi Kath, the Indian ginger, {Alpinia calcarata}comes from open forrest and forrest margins in moist tropical areas of India and China, should be grown in loam based potting compost {ji no 3} with 25% each of added leaf mould and composted bark, in bright filtered light, during the growing season water freely, and use a liquid fertilizer once a month, water moderately in winter, minimum winter temperature, 61 deg f.
Colocasia, from swampy or moist areas of tropical Asia, use loamless potting compost, water freely in the growing season, balanced liquid feed every 2 weeks. keep the tubers dry in winter and frost free, start into growth in spring at 64 deg f, with bright filtered light, and high humidity, if you can provide a minimum winter temperature of 70 deg, they will be evergreen, hope this helps Kath, Derek.

17 Aug, 2013


Thank you Derek and Daisy! That's really useful isn't it Kath! I think we will be ok if we keep ours in our conservatories.....time will tell.

17 Aug, 2013


Yes Derek and Dee we are both very grateful for your helpful advice.

Yes I have taken in conservatory except for 1 which I have left out side.

Now wonder how our ones at walled garden shall be.

As we said its a trial.

I will pop down for my cuppy with you all on Tuesday but will need to be so careful with my back.

At least can see the walled garden.


17 Aug, 2013


Now, this really gives 'bringing your work home' another meaning and will be much more pleasurable, I hope :)
Best of luck to the both of you!!

17 Aug, 2013


Yes Angie its a real pleasure for Karen and I :)

I popped this morning to walk down in the walled garden ,took my camera folks and guess what no battery charge:(

Photos till next time.

Thankyou Angie:)

18 Aug, 2013

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