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I have just been working under my Mahonia&Weigiela &Spirea


By Scotkat


Just to share with you this is what I call my woodland area and over many years I have turned out pots of spent pot compost.

And this is the best compost I have better than what we are buying from GC.

I just planted my 4th Enkianthus there .

I feel like filling a garden bag full of the compost and start to use it in the greenhouse.

I just had to share my good news with you.

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That is good news, I have been using my own compost as well Kath, I have redone the beds in my tomato greenhouse, I have been using my homemade compost in there for a few years now and my toms are always good, I have also used it for my cucumbers as well and they are now coming along well, used my own last year and did marvellously, the remainder out of that bin was spread around the garden and I'm now refilling that one up again, halfway down No2 bin now, its like gold dust and is saving me a fortune, lol.....

14 Jun, 2013


i can t make good compost i have a compost bin but it never comes out like on the telly,good job i have a couple of farms near me you lot on here are wizzards i betxxxxxxxx said complimentarely

14 Jun, 2013


SD I dont have a compost bin this is just yrs of pots of spent compost that I tipped old pots of compost under my mahonia tree.

14 Jun, 2013


My "compost heap" is a cold one! I have nowhere in the sunny areas to have one, but the old heap must have loads of wildlife in it. I do have a leafmould heap near it, and it is quite successful even in the shade.

14 Jun, 2013


Sorry Kath just had a giggle at your heading ......... my first thought was "oh my god she can`t find her way out".

14 Jun, 2013


LOL and if I had got stuck would not get back to Glamis on Tue stroller:)

14 Jun, 2013


I get good compost from stuffing leaves into black bin bags with holes in them. it is so easy.

14 Jun, 2013


You need to make it steam when being turned Snoop, if it does that then you know its a goodun..
Two of mine are hidden away amongst my shrubs Melchi and the third is in a very shady spot overshadowed by huge conifers but they still work, I hide bags of leaves in the same places....

14 Jun, 2013


You are all so good. I did have a big compost bin in my old garden..but it had to be 'suspended' due to hedgehogs. After that I thought what's the point....lovely to have a hedgehog, but rather a large space used up for its house! I do have a wormery though...but my worms are not that active. I don't think they like the cool temps.:(

14 Jun, 2013


That's a bit how I feel, Karen, though I occasionally suffer guilt pangs about it. It's a huge pile, though, with all sorts growing in it; and, as I said above, I'm sure it's a haven for all sorts of wildlife. It's in the corner of the wild area near a huge woodpile (old branches and cuttings). That is definitely where the hedgehogs live.

14 Jun, 2013

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