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Busy this morning in the Glasshouse of walled garden


By Scotkat


Hi everyone well weather not been kind a real cold chill.

But not behind the glass very pleasant and cosy.

First I potted up dahlias I am not too keen on these but we do need all the plants we can get for now .

Untill we start sowing new seeds later on .

And 3 weeks ago I took fuchsia cuttings of our 2 plants.

And happy to say I have got 13 rooted fuchsia cuttings to add to Glamis.

And Karen and Kevin looking on asking how I will make standard fuchsias.
I also potted up strawberry plants that I had taken up a basket and potted up the plants into 2 old Terracota pots.

Karen and I can snack on the strawberries when they start to fruit.

And to finish off I potted up 2 trays of corriander seedlings to grow on for the Castle Kitchen.

On way back to car I stopped to take a photo of the stunning rhodendorums.

Now got me thinking will I wont I go and see if there were any bottom roots self rooting.

On way up from Castle car park today I stopped to look at the Rhododendruns.

On way back down I took some more photos.

You can see the pink tinge.

Closer view its white .

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Great Scotkat...must be very exciting and satisfying!
I don't blame you staying in the glasshouse.It was so cold here this morning, I even wore my woolly hat..un heard of in May in the 'sunny south'

23 May, 2013


It really is satisfying Paul and now we are getting fantastic comments and feed back.

We can see snow on the back hills from our home.

I am away to sit down and enjoy the Beechgrove Garden.

23 May, 2013


That's a lot of work you did today in one morning Kath. As for me, well, I pricked out and potted up some herbs, and some Hibiscus Trionium, and some other things that I can't even remember now....oh, Liatris it was..and some Gourds and things...and showed Kevin how to do this...and then I went outside to plant even more plants in the big borders and watered them all in. Lunch with HG and Kevin, then more planting etc. before heading down to the Italian Garden for a nosey at the new statues there...Kath we must take some pics of them for our friends....and then it was a coffee with my colleagues in the castle (sounds grand but we sit in a horrible messy cupboard!) and then back up to the Walled Garden to tidy up all my mess and walk back down again to come home. Phew...I think Kath did more work than me in half the time...but she is much fitter than me! Oh, and someone...someone you know... gave me a terrible scolding for carrying a bread crate full of terra-cotta pots from the potting shed to the glass house!! It's blowing a fearful gale here's been winding up all afternoon....grrr..all my tulips will be finished off.

23 May, 2013


Yes Karen we must get photos of the Statues.

They really are beautiful infact impressive.

Yes folks it was me that told Karen off for lifting these heavy pots.

But you all know what like our Karen is:)

It was very fearful strong gales last night and my new rhs pots toppled lucky they never smashed and my tulips in bag garden were looking great when I left to go to Castle yesterday but last night it was like a hurricane so I think there will be tulips no more.

I was thinking of the Glasshouse last night up at Glamis Karen.

We had the 3 K's yesterday in the Glasshouse ,Karen Kevin and Myself and next week we are getting a new volunteer on board and another K .

Plenty work for us .

24 May, 2013


Hello Scotkat. Keep up the good work. Much admiration.
You also mentioned corriander seedlings. One question if you don't mind. Do you grow corriander for it's seeeds only? Here we eat tons of fresh leaf corriander, always raw in salads. It comes by airfreight all the way from my native country Cyprus. I have tried many-many times to grow it here, but always goes to seed as soon as it appears from the ground. Any tips for growing will be much appreciated.

24 May, 2013


Thank you Costa Karen and I are having a wonderful time in the microclimate walled garden .

We sowed the corriander seeds to get plants to grow on for the Castle Kitchen.

Hence as they were small seedlings I potted them up into bigger cell trays to grow on for them to use.

At home I often grow corriander in hanging pots or baskets to.

24 May, 2013


Thank you Scotkat. That is probably the only way to grow it and not in the open garden.

I see some seedlings in my local Tesco but never buy them, as they always look very thin and pale.

24 May, 2013


Costas sow your own seeds at different weks then you get a fresh succession of corriander plants you can do this with basil to.

We are lucky as up in the walled garden the corriander and basil will be grown behind glass and will be available as and when they require.

24 May, 2013


Lovely to see the photo's S'kat, I think you and Karen are having a whale of a time helping at Glamis, we saw lots of people working in the gardens at Wrest Park and Audley End when we visited, I'm not sure whether they were volunteers or actually employed by English Heritage, I thought of you two as I was wandering through the gardens...

24 May, 2013


you two are definitely having fun at Glamis, so pleased you are enjoying it all. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the sculptures. :O)

24 May, 2013


Thankyou Llass I am happy you enjoying our Glamis blogs of what Karen and I are doing and how nice to think of us.

OOIL Yes we really are having so much fun and of course exercise in our outdoor gym.

And on Thursday we will have another volunteer.

The 3 K's and we are all interested in gardening and the project .Kath ,Karen,Kathleen .

24 May, 2013


Yes, nobody must volunteer unless their name begins with K! ;)

24 May, 2013

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