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Walled garden project


By Scotkat


Hello everyone well its happened icing on the cake.

Karen and I had a wonderful tour today.

And we start in the Potting Shed on Tuesday.

So watch this space as the weeks go past.

Its so exciting and amazing.

Wildlife we can see on route to walled garden.

Our wee mascot Molly

And this is the apricot blossom.

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have fun! sure you will!

21 Feb, 2013


We certainly shall we both are just full of buzz.

21 Feb, 2013


i can imagine!

21 Feb, 2013


Sounds so exciting, hope you both enjoy every minute of it!

21 Feb, 2013


Great fun Kath!

21 Feb, 2013


Oh how exciting, enjoy both of you, will be looking out for all your news......

21 Feb, 2013


We'll probably be too tired to blog it all! ;)

21 Feb, 2013


A walled garden......I,d love a walled garden......looking forwards to seeing it
Just remember please to take some photo's

22 Feb, 2013


Pam as Karen says we will be tired to blog it all but I am sure we can share a few pictures further into this wonderful amazing project.

We are so lucky to be doing this.

And it all happened while I was walking in the Castle Italian Gardens I saw the head gardener working and went to chat to him.

And then said I wish I could do some volunteer gardening there.

It all snowballed from there ,when he asked if we would like to see the walled garden project .At that time I did not know about it.

And WOW I am so glad I chatted to him that day.

And then I thought of our friend Karen and mentioned it too Karen and yes both of us have been taken on.

Its just going to be wonderful.

How is that for a birthday gift for us.

Well Karen did you sleep like a log or did you see that ghost.

Or were you dreaming what plants we can plant.

22 Feb, 2013


Nope, I slept we'll! Can't even remember my dreams for a change! :)

22 Feb, 2013


Karen and I had a wonderful time today in the walled garden project.

We shall sleep tonight and so shall Molly what energy Karens wee dog has she is wonderful and she showed who was boss:)

We are both going back again on Thursday.

26 Feb, 2013


Brilliant! How great is that for you.....I can feel the fizz. :0))

happy with a "in the future blog"

Have fun xxx

26 Feb, 2013


A few weeks down the line Pamg.

26 Feb, 2013



26 Feb, 2013


Hi Karen thanks for your wonderful company again .

What a wonderful day Karen &I had .

Karen painting Garden Name Tags.

I was sowing seeds got many done then we both moved a lot of plants into the coldframes.

Not bruised Karen but still very sore enjoyed soak in bath.

May be bruised in Morning.

28 Feb, 2013


Poor Kath fell on her way to work.....hope it won't be sore tomorrow Kath. Enjoy your evening. I am off to weight-watchers :(£

28 Feb, 2013


It happened so quick and down I went .

I am now just relaxing Karen after a wonderful day .

I will bring the cold drinks on Tues.

I am sure you will have lost more lbs after this week in our yes outdoor gym.

And we will have muscles after pulling the trolley of plants.

28 Feb, 2013


I'm afraid it just doesn't work like that for me Kath....the more I work, the hungrier I get!

28 Feb, 2013


And I am so different never hungry must be my Benacol mixture breakfast that fills me up .

Well everyone no shades of black and blue but so very sore .

I ache with the fall.

Loads I should be doing but hey ho always another day .

Its another nice day wish I could go out on my bike today but not to be.

1 Mar, 2013


Take it easy for a change Kath!

1 Mar, 2013


Even Molly is yawning today!

1 Mar, 2013


Well everyone this was our 3rd day and and a lot more was done.

After my fall on thursday my bruises have turned a nice colour.

But but sore now.

I am tired tonight but like Karen still enjoying .

We got a tour of all the fruit trees today and we will get to be involved in training and pruning.

From Thursday the apricot and peaches trees just had buds but the blossom is now out today.

We will be back on Thursday again .

5 Mar, 2013


Its just like an instalment of a favorite serial.......

I saw walled garden in my inbox and thought ooh good wonder what they have been up to now?
And is she better after the fall
Thanks both of you xxx

6 Mar, 2013


I need to start taking my camera!

6 Mar, 2013


Yes Karen cant wait till we see the Jays :)

Its a dreich day here worse that yesterday light rain .

6 Mar, 2013


Rubbish here as well. Rain forecast from tomorrow right up to next week.

6 Mar, 2013


Oh no do you still want to go to the walled garden tomorrow then?

6 Mar, 2013


Grey here today as well girls, which is disappointing after the lovely sunshine :o))

6 Mar, 2013


Oh yes, I will be there, but don't feel you have to go if you don't want to Kath. :)

6 Mar, 2013


Wish I could come!!!

6 Mar, 2013


I will deffinately be there Karen .


6 Mar, 2013


Karen the daffodils are wonderful and such a strong perfume.

6 Mar, 2013


I wish you could come too Annie!

6 Mar, 2013


Can't wait to see some photos Karen :o))

6 Mar, 2013


yes, I think I'll get my old compact out. Last week, on my first day I almost destroyed my lovely 'new' camera. I was in a hurry to get on the road to Glamis, but broke a nail opening the car door. Can't bear jaggy nails, so popped back indoors to quickly file it down, leaving my bag with my lunch and camera at the rear of the car. you know what's coming. Started off on the drive and thought "oh no,my exhaust has dropped off" but of course I had run over my bag! There was yoghurt all over everything and the camera was lying in the middle of the driveway all scratched. Scott says it looks like Kate Adie's camera now! Luckily it still works ok.

6 Mar, 2013


OMG Lol!! Karen I once drove off from a garden centre with my purse on the car roof. So busy putting the new plants in the car I completely forgot it and then wondered why someone was throwing paper all over the road behind me! It took me hours to gather up the contents, luckily it was a country road.
I wouldn't mind being likened to Kate Adie :o))x

6 Mar, 2013


Can just see you now!

6 Mar, 2013


Annie maybe you should have a wee holiday and visit the walled garden :)

6 Mar, 2013


A dreich day at the walled garden but Karen and I were behind glass then in Potting Shed.

We were pricking out seedlings and and sowing seeds.

7 Mar, 2013

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