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Dreich wet day


By Scotkat


Hi everyone well its certainly not gardening or walking weather .

Its windy and torrential rain and if this had been snow it would have been such a mess.

In the kitchen making Paul Hollywood christmas pies.

But choose not to put in muffin tin thought may be too deep.

Take care everyone with all this floods .

Marks and Spenser mincemeat with added apple and clementine.

Shall be making own fresh cranberry sauce on the day .

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Hi Kath ...

The storms have swept across the whole of the UK.
Good luck with your baking. Keep safe and warm.

20 Dec, 2012


You take care too, no floods in Blackpool but horrible wet day. rather have the cold dry frosty weather than this aslong as its not slippy

20 Dec, 2012


Dreadful here as well but a lot better off than some, I agree S`kat, need a dry cold spell to drive away the germs as well.......

20 Dec, 2012


Paul Hollywoods xmas pies excellent recipe .

Just had a wee taste:)

Yes much prefer a nice dry crisp day .

20 Dec, 2012


are these the pies he made on the telly with Mary the other night. They all looked scrummy. How come he is quite trim when you consider how much he eats on these shows?

Weather attrocious here too. shame i had to be in at work today. definitely a day for a roaring fire and a pie [any type will do] to cosy up to.

wont be travelling far tonight thats a certain.

20 Dec, 2012


I still haven't had a mince pie! But tonight, I am going to have a glass of Sherry and I might well have a mince pie with it if I can get some before then. It's just dreadful outside and now we have an amber warning for floods....I suppose we'd better take our turn with the southern counties :)

20 Dec, 2012


Yes Seaburngirl

But never used deap muffin tin as thought they would be to heavy .

Sounds nice Karen been a long time since I have had sherry .

My Late Mam used to have a daily sherry only a small glass but she did say and her Doctor that it was good for you.

Karen with all this rain was thinking about your garden .

Hope this does not make it any worse.

Be careful everyone .

20 Dec, 2012


Absolutely miserable here today - had to nip into Livingston to change a gift I had purchased, shops a NIGHTMARE!!
I notice on the Motorway that the M9 is closed north of Dunkeld. I think you all north of here is to get the brunt of it. Take care everyone!!

20 Dec, 2012


And a firesideeread from the Libary .

Down the garden path by Beverly Nichols

20 Dec, 2012


Hi Kath, Its very wet and windy here too. The park where I walk Teddy is 2/3rds under water and the local birds are loving it...Have a good day baking, and a very merry christmas and all the best for 2013 x x x

20 Dec, 2012


Cold and windy through the day but raining now. Not nearly as bad as in many places and I am not moaning. We seem to have missed most of this latest weather. Last Thursday/Friday the east coast was hit by 'the perfect storm' that has caused huge damage along the coast. We live two miles from the sea and I knew nothing about it until I saw the news the following day!

20 Dec, 2012


Fancy the Library still having Down the Garden path - don't like to think how long ago I first read it!

20 Dec, 2012


Just rains and rains here, a long section of the A21 is shut due to flooding.

20 Dec, 2012


I did ask at our library about 'Down the Garden Path' but no luck. Will order from the bookshop after Christmas, as dont do on-line shopping.

21 Dec, 2012


Very soggy here in the midlands too...

The sweet pastry recipe is similar to the one I was taught at catering college 40 (!) years ago and have always used for sweet pies......I agree though that muffin tins are too deep

21 Dec, 2012


Its very heavy rain here folks and floods in our area.

Cake all iced last thing to make is Baileys Choc Truffles.

But shall make them over weekend.

Too early they could get finished as they are ever so good.

Bernies recipe.

21 Dec, 2012


What on earth are you going to do with all that baking Kath? I hope you have some very hungry guests! :) x

22 Dec, 2012


Your house must be smelling pretty good, Kath! Enjoy!

22 Dec, 2012


Yes Sue we shall Karen not big portions so wont put on extra weight.

I am in pain though with a trapped nerve in my neck.

22 Dec, 2012


Sorry to hear that Kath...any emergency therapists in your area? Sounds like you might need Chiropractor.....take care! Hope it gets better very soon!

22 Dec, 2012


Hi Kath ... Hoping you feel better soon.

22 Dec, 2012

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