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Part 1 My garden in the rain


By Scotkat


From the back door this morning.

Even rain stopped me cutting grass it only got part down when the rain came on Tuesday afternoon and its never stopped since.

So I will add some photo so then go and put on my waterproofs and head out for a walk.

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your garden is really lovely, i do like all the photos around, you can picture it much better, those lovely pots, i do like the arch on the decking, the front garden too, and everything so neat and tidy.

28 Jun, 2012


I do try my best ST .

And behind my lavendar hedge we want to replace the path .
Still undecided of what to put down.

Just back from a short walk not pleasant even with waterproofs rain is heavier.

28 Jun, 2012


You should see the rain here, I've just been sheltering the postman! He was drenched!

Lots of options for paths, do you want something permanent or more like bark chippings?

28 Jun, 2012


This area is just red chippings when we built our house 24yrs ago.

More permanent I have seen pavers that look like sllers but are stone .

Hope you gave your postie a cup of tea:)

28 Jun, 2012


i offered him a cup but he said no [i know him from when he played in a band with my son]

something looking like stone would be lovely, i would be interested to hear how you get on. i have some of those stepping stones that look like a slice of a tree trunk.

you built your house?? that sounds like a story worth telling

28 Jun, 2012


Yes we have stepping stones to my washing line that looks like a trunck.

Bought the plot and a kit got some to put it up but we did all inside.

And its changed a lot since then :)

28 Jun, 2012


wow!!! im totally in awe.

28 Jun, 2012


I love your deck and arch Kath. Garden still looks pretty in the rain :o)

28 Jun, 2012


The lawn looks perfect Kath and I love that Weigela and the Sambuscus "Black Lace".
In contrast to yesterdays sunny warm weather we have now got torrential rain, thunder and lightening, ah well nothing to do but sit it

28 Jun, 2012


I suppose it's marginally better than a drought . . . maybe! Your garden looks very restful Scotkat.

28 Jun, 2012


What a beautiful garden Scotkat. Looks like you have an alround view from your home too.
I like it in the first pic where you have the white of the neighbours house to show off your trees. And that lovely decking area to sit & survey it all.
Love out the front too & it looks like everyone down your road has green fingers, so nice when everyone makes an effort.
(Sticki put the postman down!)

28 Jun, 2012


Thankyou Annella.
Stroller the grass is full of moss just looks good after the rain just cant get it cut.

Yes I adore my Weigila I also have a varigated 1in the garden .

And the Black Lace stands out well on my skye marble white chips.

Plenty water where we are MW and yes my garden is calming I so love to work or sit in it reading a book.

Thankyou Willinilli.

28 Jun, 2012


Your garden is lovely and neat Kat,you wouldn't have walked in our 1 o clock hailstorm you would have come home bruised!!!!!

28 Jun, 2012


Thank you Poppylinda and looking out our window its like peasoup thick fog and just so horrid.

28 Jun, 2012


The garden looks lovely, Kath. I think gardens look nice in the rain, but it is so frustrating not being able to get out into them. Peasoup doesn't sound so good though. (I remember smogs in London when I was a child - awful!)

28 Jun, 2012


Me too Melchisedec - walking down a tree-lined road to school in Blackheath and trying not to bump into the trunks! (And it was always foggy the morning after Bonfire night).

28 Jun, 2012


I can still remember the smell! And wearing my school scarf wrapped right around my face (no wonder we bumped into things!)

28 Jun, 2012


Yeah . . but at that age we just bounced off . . lol!

28 Jun, 2012


the postman went home willinilli

28 Jun, 2012



28 Jun, 2012


Really glad you posted this, Kath, because I don't think I've seen many pictures of your garden before. It's just lovely, front and back. You have so many great plants there and I really like the deck, the alpine bed and that layout at the front. In fact I like it all!
Has rained here, too, since Tuesday afternoon, so my grass is now full of blooming buttercups and daisies! (Quite pretty, really)
Thanks for this.

28 Jun, 2012


Thank you Wilma its so easy to keep tidy.

Just waiting for such a lot to bloom.

28 Jun, 2012


Me, too. However, I'm glad some of the flowers are not out yet because would just have spoiled with all this rain. Maybe by the time the rain goes (if it ever goes), the new flowers will get a chance.

28 Jun, 2012


I so hope so Wilma.

It was a nice drive back on Tues.

Did you have fog today?

28 Jun, 2012


Oh, yes! Had to drive in it with the visibility down to a few yards in places.

28 Jun, 2012


What a lovely garden you have, very green and pleasant and calm. What is the plant in pic 6? Kind of looks like a giant tree peony.

28 Jun, 2012


Yes it is my Tree Peony in its 6th yr in my garden Kildermorie got 5 buds that are now brown and sadly did not open.

Think its due to the weather.

I have 2 other news this yr in the 1st season so will monitor these.

29 Jun, 2012


What a lovely garden SK..How I wish that mine were this tidy! Even in the rain it looks great..Thanks for taking us all for a stroll around it..

2 Jul, 2012


A lovely garden Scotkat, would be nice if we all got a chance to sit and relax wouldn`t it, like you I have to nip out between showers to mow the lawns and have a tidy up then its beat the rain to put the tools away usually, it was nice last week so at least we got our patio area sorted in the dry....

3 Jul, 2012


Thank you Lincslass , we managed to get the grass cut and a lot of pruning and sawing tree branches that over hang into our garden was was shading us.

And this is an area that i still have to plant up with something fast growing that shall screen us.

But dont know what to plant.

3 Jul, 2012

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