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My 2011 Fuchsias


By Scotkat


This year I lost all my fuchsias due to our long cold winter.

I had many nice new fuchias 2010 adn I had taken many cuttings and lost them all.

I got interested in heaucheras so decided not to have so many fuchias.

But I did find myself buy a fuchsia and its not so easy when you have been hooked on fuchias to stop your self from buying a new on.

I now have a new small collection once again and they are looking nice and lush with all this spell of rain we have had.

New fuchsias 2011

Lady in Red


Golden Swingtime

La Capenella


Waveny Gem

Rose of Denmark

Barbara Norton

Kit Octoby

Chiltern Beauty

And 3 unnamed having lost tags when repotting but when they bloom may rebmember.

They are all in bud as they open I shall post photos.


Lady in red

Waveny Gem


Lady in Red


Waveny Gem

Just bought Blackie although it had not been stopped and a bit high but its in bloom.

Also bought York Manor.


York Manor

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looking forward to seeing them Kath. I have one new one as well, but I did manage to keep one...can't remember now what it was called..will have to look it up. It must be very hardy...they were all supposed to be hardy of course. I noticed on my last walk that a lovely big hawkshead in a garden nearby has survived and is starting to flower. I lost my little one, but I think I shall try again....must put that on my shopping list! :))

29 Jun, 2011


I lost all mine too Kath, only bought one this year 'Charlie dimmock' its a big and blousy one lol. Look forward to seeing you pics when they open

29 Jun, 2011


Oh Kath, what a shame you lost so many Fuchsias but it looks like you've built up a nice little collection once again.

30 Jun, 2011


And bought 2 more today Bernieh

30 Jun, 2011


Lol, Kath! You can't keep a good Fuchsia collector down!

30 Jun, 2011


Yes Berieh I still enjoy my fuchsias and yesterday was taking some tip cuttings.

Last night I came across my 2005 fuchsias so I posted the photos on my forum its so good to look through and see what I did have so many nice fuchsias .

Ah well great building them up again.

30 Jul, 2011


Good Morning Scotkat,

Dear Scotkat

First of all, welcome to GOY.
I love this place, and every GOY friend.
Fuchsias are natural from my little place in this world, south Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul.
Actually fuchsias are the flower symbol of our state .
However they are only common to the coldest areas, up in the hills I would say.

The botanical garden from Porto Alegre - the state capital, can't grow fuchsias in its natural habitat.
With the help of the AAJB - Association of Botanical Garden friends - we will build a greenhouse to reproduce the cold temperatures to which the fuchsias are used.

You, in UK, have the most beautiful species.

Your fuchsias are lovely,


5 Aug, 2011


Thankyou Aleyna I so love my fuchsias and thankyou for the welcome you are so kind I have been a member to since 2008:)

5 Aug, 2011


Goodness, longer than myself... sorry :S

10 Aug, 2011



10 Aug, 2011


Thankyou G my pleasure

4 Oct, 2011


So easy to get hooked Gail .

I have never used Potash Nursery.

But got some nice fuchsias there ,I like your choice its beauitful and it says Chiltern Beauty is hardy.

4 Oct, 2011

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