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By Scotkat


Well here I am starting to right this blog again.

Should have saved it in word:)

I was trying to delete a photo in blog when deleted whole blog.:)

I started doing some a bit of volunteer gardening last Sept.

And it was a big task a lot of ground elder but we are nearly there with that.

Still a lot of weeds and we only meet up on a Wed Morning but this week with good spell of weather I have been Monday,Tue and yesterday.

Next week the 4th August is Bday Bottle Greenhouse finally finshed and an open evening even at night 6-8pm.

Garden is all coming together as this a recycle garden we dont buy we get all donated instead of filling landfill.

And we have our veg plot .

As you can see a lot got done as this is on a slope we were trying to level.

We are not sure how it will all turn out ,and ongoing project.

As you see a bit back to front with start of Bottle Green house ,out raised tyre planter which home potates and have now been lifted.

Our hanging bottles used as hanging baskets and they are now in full bloom.

One person use there for bird seed but have to say that was not a good idea as seed started to smell in plastic and not so easy for birds to feed.

We got 20 strawberry plants from freecycle as you can some have been put into barrel.

Greenhouse up this afternoon and roof goes on tomorrow.

Preety impressive dont you think.

This is the morning we all meet at comunity garden although some of us just pop in on other days when time and weather fits in.

But the last 3 wednesday’s have been heavy rain so today looks as if its to be dry as you all know heat and rain makes weeks grow.

So now that we have got it to a managble stage we want to keep on top of it.

Got home at 4.45pm from community garden today weather was fantastic arrived at 10.30am we achieved alot still a lot to do.

Just back been all afternoon in community garden taking out yes more weeds and planting plants.

Garden is starting to now come together with a natural path.

Hardest part si trying to get the ground clean.

As you can see we now have a snib for greenhouse door,gutter for water butt,and out tree bird feeder station.

This got cleared just before rain stopped paly today.

We are all hoping its dry tomorrow as not been able to get into community garden for a few weeks with all this rain.

As you can see with new photos community garden now coming together next week we will be planting Spring bulbs.

And a big thankyou to Eleanor who dropped off Peony Trees out of her garden in Forfar today one of our GOY members.

Hoping it stays dry long enough for us to plant daffildill bulbs in community garden .

Grampian Growers have donated sacks of bulbs to our garden .

It certainly will be colourful in Spring .

Its been a year of hard work but now we are nearly there and it should be easy to maintain keeping it tidy and weedfree.

Play:) never got started it rained all morning and still it rains.

No use for planting bulbs.

Well 30th Sept by afternoon complete change and turend out a perfect day to get started planting bulbs Ice follie,Solem and Golden Harvest.

Friday 8th April weather just perfect hands on deck so to speak was in community garden for 4 hours today ,this is us really getting back in to after such a long cold winter.

We were surprised to see how many of the plants that were donated to us have survived and are now starting to grow.

Our garden is full of daffodils in full bloom now many thanks to Grampian Growers for the sacks of of bulbs they donated to our garden last year.

today the guys made progress with our summer house that was also donated its a big jigsaw.

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The first two photos you can see some of our hard work trying to level out garden .

Last photo this area will be transformed into a wildflower area.

I will add photos that I took at beginning as with deleting blog by accident having to start again.

29 Jul, 2010


You really have put a lot of hard graft in to helping the community get this garden up and running. I take my hat off to you. Preparation is always the key to success so my best wishes for the success of your garden. I wish I lived nearer to see it for myself. David gave us an insight when he put up his blog of his visit with you. Long may it continue. Your bottle geenhouse is going to be grand.

29 Jul, 2010


Its not all down Scotsgran to me but now feel and am wanting to go down more there is alot of potential.

Hope you do get to see it sometime .

29 Jul, 2010


Love the bottle greenhouse idea, really clever.

29 Jul, 2010


Pam I will post a photo when its finished next week.

Its agreat idea .

29 Jul, 2010


Love the bottle greenhouse...saw one completed on TV recently! A lot of hard work gone into that site, Scotkat.Well done!

29 Jul, 2010


Yes there has Izzy buts starting to come together now.

And everything is recyled.

29 Jul, 2010


Great work Scotkat, well done to you all!..:o)

29 Jul, 2010


Thankyou its very rewarding Dylandog

29 Jul, 2010


After working on the community garden its like a gooddwork out.

This week I have leaked buckets as its been so hot and humid.

Many pay at a gym for this:)

29 Jul, 2010


lol...too true, you get a good work out in the garden!

29 Jul, 2010


You are doing a great job in the community garden, Scotkat! looking forward to seeing photos of the opening of it next Thursday.

29 Jul, 2010


what a wonderful job, well done too.

29 Jul, 2010


Thankyou Balcony and Seaburngirl yes will be plenty photos.

And yes Karen a good work out.

29 Jul, 2010


Found some more photos taken a few weeks back.

31 Jul, 2010


Great blog, Kath, and am just so pleased that my children and I got the chance to visit it. Yes, a great deal of hard groundwork, but it is looking great. Interesting note re using plastic bottles for birdseed, but was worth trying. All the Best for Wednesday! :-)))

1 Aug, 2010


Thankyou David yes a great deal of hard work but is a worth while project.

Watch this space for more photos .

1 Aug, 2010


That's one really impressive greenhouse ScotKat! Amazing! I hope it lasts a good long time for you. :-) It's a marvel of ingenuity.

3 Aug, 2010


What a fantastic growing space you have there in your greenhouse. Good luck with your open evening.

4 Aug, 2010


Thankyou Scotsgran hope you can come up to see it sometime.

4 Aug, 2010


Wow that is brilliant!

4 Aug, 2010


The greenhouse is truly a work of art, Kath!!!!

Hope this evening went very well. :-))

5 Aug, 2010


Yes a good turn out David shame it was fantasic warm suuny day but in evening it pouror openignof greenhouse and photos not much fun.ed but was much needed for garden but fun.

16 Aug, 2010


Did it resist the rain well? No leaks, not got knocked over by the wind? Can you show us photos of it?

17 Aug, 2010


Its very secure Balcony it stood up to the wind just a little leak .

17 Aug, 2010


Has anyone any ideas for stepping stones or a path in our community garden.

20 Aug, 2010


How about making a mould, footshaped or round, and filling it with concrete. Get each volunteer to leave an imprint of his/her own foot/feet or hand/s in his/her own footprint stepping stone. Adding names would be a permanent reminder of the forethought of those who started the garden. What a difference you have made in such a short time.

21 Aug, 2010


Fantastic idea I shall mention this just brilliant.:)

A new garden nurserie in our area has donated near 40 new plants and 10 trays of bedding plants but rain stopped play yesterday.

21 Aug, 2010


This is like the parable of the loaves and fishes. Everyone would think it impossible until one person starts being generous and everybody else chips in with more than enough for everyone.Well done.

21 Aug, 2010


Just dropped in to see what's new here - lovely new pics, and the tomatoes look superb in the greenhouse. Very kind gesture by the nursery, especially a new one! What a lovely idea, Scotsgran, for the stepping stones! :-)))

Glad to hear that there was a good turnout, Kath, despite the weather not holding up that evening.

21 Aug, 2010


So glad we got plants in yesterday as today its rained buckets although a good water for plants.

Now we can see where we are coming from we think the raised will need to go or be moved its now in our way of what we are planning to do .

23 Aug, 2010


As you can see by updated photos today a lot has been done.

We now want to do away with the rasied bed as its in the way of now a natural path that is forming.

Also the sunflower seems to have grwon miniture and still bloomed.

25 Aug, 2010


I love the sunflower. You are worrying about getting the ground clean. I was faced with a similar problem. I was advised to put down membrane and cover it with bark. That was too expensive at the time so I put down newspaper and covered it with enough soil to stop it from blowing away. The water got through but the paper took a while to rot and any weeds on the surface did not penetrate the paper and were easily removed. By cutting out the light to the weeds underneath they eventually died off. Planting potatoes is also a good way of cleaning the ground. If you decide to move your raised beds put them in a weedy spot. layer the bottom with newspaper before adding the soil that will help. Spring bulbs pushed up through the paper so I did not lose them. Congrats to youall for a jobwell done.

25 Aug, 2010


Thankyou Scotsgran re newspaper and covered with soil.

I shall pass on your tip to our team:)

We did plant potatoes in another area which did help to clear ground.

It does just take time and of course dry weather and you know heat and rain weeds will grow.

Thankyou Scotsgran.

26 Aug, 2010


Never even got started rained heavy all day and water but now nearly full.

Someone is asking what they can plant in the greenhouse to grow through winter.

8 Sep, 2010


Here I am updating you all in progress of community garden.

I have just come home been there today for 4 hrs its coming together now and now looks like a garden and its a sea of gold with daffodils that were donated to us last year from Grampian Growers

I will update with photos later tonight.

New project summer house going up today a lovely place for people to sit and reflect .

We are looking for the wild primrose for our wildflower bed but this is a protected plant and we cant dig up from anywhere unless we know of anyone who can this in their garden.

Our fruits of our hard work for the past year and half is now looking good.

There are really only 4 of us volunteer to do this really need more volunteers to help us out.

8 Apr, 2011


We are now at stage of maintenance of the garden to keep weed free.

We also have been given many snowdrops as this is also a memory garden for anyone as this ground our garden is was once a nursing home.

Its a place to reflect and remember and just meet up and enjoy the garden .

Our bottle greenhouse is ready to use for anyone who want it .

Water butt full of water with all the heavy rain we had on Monday.

8 Apr, 2011


There has been a lot of hard graft in this garden but reaping beauty now.

No weedkiller we are digging out weeds.

There are 2 more projects ,this garden is on going as more ground available and a polytunnel is to be built and we are getting fruit trees donated this year .

Need more volunteers to help though.

8 Apr, 2011


This is looking really great! Unfortunately I'm a bit far away to offer my services otherwise I'd say count on me! :-))

8 Apr, 2011


Balcony thank you if you were ever passing by we have spare tools:)

8 Apr, 2011


Was back for 3 hrs yesterday and going back today our project is getting bigger and we are preparing ground for for veggies .

More help arrived yesterday so we are all making the most of the weather and going back tomorrow.

28 Apr, 2011


Rained off at garden today so never got much done but its all looking nice and lush after the rain.

11 May, 2011


Shame you couldn't send some of your rain our way - we are in great need of it! Down here the plant life that isn't watered is looking just the opposite to yours! :-((

11 May, 2011


You can buy wild primrose seeds Kath. They are relatively easy to grow from seed. Sometimes I have a good show of mine other years there are hardly any and my husband was convinced someone must be stealing them but they just disappear and come back when they feel like it. This year they are around in the lawn and he has already decided where I am to plant them. I will wait until they stop flowering. I do not think I will be able to split them as they probably are just single flowering plants. The seeds need a certain amount of time when they get very cold so the weather this last year might be why i have them in the lawn. The seed could have been there for some time. I notice they grow better in the lee of a north facing site. Last year there were no primroses on the railway embankment near us, this year there are thousands again on the north facing slope.

11 May, 2011


Interesting Sheila I shall let the know who wants wild primrose in the wildflower bed.

I have yellow primroses but dont think they are the wildflower i really dont know.

11 May, 2011


I have just emailed a Norfolk company who do wild flower seeds as I am interested in something else they have and I am hoping I can pick something up when I am down south in the near future. If they are any good i will give you their name. I too have yellow primroses that do look remarkably like the wild ones but they are a x named Emily. I got them in Dobbies so that may be what you have. One of the local Smallholders used to sell wild primroses which he grew from seed. That was where i got mine.

11 May, 2011

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