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Blooming orchid!


By Raquel


This has to be a quick blog, as it’s midnight here and I have got to go to work tomorrow…lol…but I wanted to share with you my beautiful orchid that finally bloomed after a year and a half! So I didn’t kill it…despite my fears…what happened is that when I left for 3 weeks to go to El Salvador, there was no one to take care of my orchid…so I left it in my office, well watered and spritzed but fearing the worst….however the &^&*6 plant loved being left alone for 3 weeks and though it was very dry, it had also sprouted the flower stems and have lots of new fat green roots…Ahem…I think this means I need to leave well enough alone sometimes…LOL anyway, here it is!

This success means I have now splurged and bought two more orchids and an african violet…pictures of them later and a small blog as well, right now I must get to bed! =)

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It's very pretty. I'm glad it survived :o)

1 Mar, 2010


Its so Pretty Raq :)

1 Mar, 2010


Well done you, it's very pretty.

1 Mar, 2010


Good story, Raquel... lovely flower..:o)

1 Mar, 2010


lovely Raquel..thanks for putting it on :o)

1 Mar, 2010


That's pretty, glad it has survived for you.

1 Mar, 2010


Thank you all for your comments! The second flower has now burst into bloom. Will post pics soon. I have to say, they do cheer the office up...

3 Mar, 2010


They really are tough and don't need a lot of fuss. Lovely.....get a row of them if you can. They will really cheer up the office when they they bloom. They do everything in slow motion. Do you have those little squeezy fertiliser thingies in USA? They usually have them near the check out in garden centres in UK. That might encourage more flowers.

6 Mar, 2010


I actually had three, Dorjac, but one got sick with some kind of mite...rather than having it infect the others I took it home and it didn't make I have two now..and yes, they really do look great and are not hard to take care of at all...they just look delicate! Am not sure about the squeezy fertilizer thingies...I haven't seen any but will check around. Thanks for your comment!

9 Jun, 2010

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