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New beginnings!!


Well i think its time for potting up the containers and getting ready for the wooshing of colour that comes in the summer time.
i have attempted a hanging basket so am hopping that will take off and look abundant.
Loving the rain the make the garden grow but would like the sun to shine too so we can sit out and enjoy it.
Sherbet my lemon tree is looking very well – leaves are no longer turning yellow but fruit is still appearing a tad dry – but we are persevering and expecting wonderfulness!!
I have told my friend Chantal about my new interest in gardening and she has fessed up to saying that she buys gardeners world so i think its an age thing.
loving the info from this site and forum members have been so kind and helpful.
my partner SAM thinks it so funny but totally wonderful that i have got the gardening bug – long may it continue…..

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I agree with you about the age thing.
Whilst I have enjoyed sitting in the garden other than planting a few bedding plants I was ( still am ) hopeless with anything to do with gardening.
This year I realised I will be 40 next year and something seems to have clicked in my brain *shrugs*
Hubby things plants are allergic to me but is having fun watching me try LOL
Has even bought me heaps of gardening goodies in the last few months so I'm a happy little newbie LOL

4 May, 2010


I agree too!! (I'm 43) and when I was a teenager if my Dad asked me to help in the garden it was big shrugs and "do I have too!!" now any chance and I'm out digging, weeding and planting (and eating when the veggies grow!!) and if I cant get out like over this winter with all the snow I start to get fidgetty!! (and yes I buy gardening books and mags too)

4 May, 2010


I'm sorry I disagree about it being an 'age' thing. I loved gardening since my dad gave me a bit of ground to plant things in when I was about 5 years old. - or maybe I'm not normal lol

4 May, 2010


well whatever it is i am glad i am hooked - very excited as i am growing carrots in a tub and onions too and they are growing!!
what kind of photgrapher am i am do not have any pics to show - i will have to sort that one out|!!

4 May, 2010


id say i have always loved gardening, from helping dad as a little girl to potting up baskets in my old we have a house with gardens the gardener in me has well and truly sprung up and long may she stay with me :) x

5 May, 2010


what a fabulous day - just spotted the first bluebells - i love bluebells!!!!
Have not bought any more plants to day but a air cooler to keep the studio cool in the summer -
My carrots are doing well - a friend warned me that i might become to emotionally attached to them to eat them - I DONT THINK SOOO!!!

Hope all is well in garden buddy world!!!

5 May, 2010

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