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Its that time


By 230338


In my greenhouse i began feeling that spring had arrived. I burst into song(only know coming round the mountain) Lucy( the cat ) made a rapid retreat but i noticed some of my seeds had germinated. All excited i began to visualize plants and leaves all over the greenhouse. Lucy appeared as i put more seeds into my trays and i noticed a Robin on the seed pot outside enjoying a morsel. Despite Lucy,s presence birds were on the lawn and feeding. Yet another vocal left my lips and when i turned round Lucy and most of the birds had vamoosed. I would like to think to bring back freinds(LoL). 32 pansy,s out of 40 germinated. No venus fly trap germinations yet but 3 morning glory look great. Gem lettuce seed,s were sown in pots as a first time experiment. Enjoyed the day hope you all did . Take care enjoy good health.

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Good to hear you are seeing results from the seeds you have planted...carry on visualizing them in their mature state...and it's nice to know Lucy, your cat (and the same name we've given to the cat we've just adopted from CPL) is keeping you company in the greenhouse. :)

18 Mar, 2011


ive only managed to plant strawberry seeds and they came up,tryed buzy lizzys but they died(let the son look after them)but looking forward to planting and seeding like you are,strangly enough everyone disappears when i sing too lol

19 Mar, 2011


Nice to see you enjoying yourself Tony and all happy with all your seeds germinating my little grand daughter planted Morning Glory she will be delighted when she comes to see its about 8" tall, and great you ve had so many come through. I m sure your little friends will return the birds love music, well they do here.

19 Mar, 2011


My cosmos seeds are up too Wistonlass, and some delphiniums and one lonely hollyhock lol! How is Lucy getting on?

19 Mar, 2011


Pleased you enjoyed your day.

19 Mar, 2011


Doesn't it make you feel happy when things are on the up and growing Tony? A couple of days of sun and we are all beavering away again......good to know your seeds are coming through, and spring is nearly here. Hopefully another sunny day tomorrow, I am busy moving plants and changing things around. Big hug to Lucy....:o)

19 Mar, 2011


Sk...Lucy was settling in nicely but is a bit timid today and in hiding...we've had 4 grandchildren and their parents with us all afternoon until 8pm so she hasn't been out of her room.

I did take them in to visit her a few times throughout the day and just before they left to go home we fed her (in her room) and they stood at a distance and watched her eat. As long as the grandkids stayed quiet and still she was happy to eat her dinner. When she retreated under the bed again the kids got on their tummies and crawled under. They were able to stroke her and they were happy.

Young children are just a bit too noisy for Lucy just now. Thanks for asking, Sk. I'm sure she'll be coming out to see us shortly when she realized the chaotic noise has died down. Hubby and I are in recovery mode now! Whew!

19 Mar, 2011


sounds like you had a great day! I had to work today but I have big garden plans for tomorrow and Monday since the weather is expected to be wonderful.

20 Mar, 2011

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